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Journal Journal: RIAA Lauds Baltimore

As a Baltimore resident, I hereby blush in everyone's direction. We may be the second-most violent city in the U.S., and we may have 300+ homicides to our credit already this year, but it's great to know that the RIAA gives our law enforcement officials HIGH MARKS for being "on track" with catching "music piracy." This article at local CBS affiliate wjz.com is enlightening. We should all be aware that "pirating CDs is a way to make money to finance the purchase of guns and drugs, and it's been linked to terrorism." Apparently our beleagured local police force has 70 convictions to its credit with 33 of them occurring this year. Visit Baltimore! Enjoy our lovely Inner Harbor. Take your chances with being shot and killed, or perhaps mauled by one of our roving pit bulls. But, hey--you'll be safe from the nefarious and terroristic music pirates unless you, yourself happen to get busted for possession.

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