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Comment Re:Maybe the Digi TV's are already compatible? (Score 1) 539

No you don't. We aren't. My family voted.
- We are sick of Comcast commercials on comcast provided cable (ask my 8 year old, he hates comcast and doesn't even understand what they sell)
- We are sick of the channels we like disappearing (CMT played music videos, that the 4 year old loves).
- We are tired of paying $40/month.

We are switching to PCs and the 'net. Most of what we watch is on Hulu and direct from the content providers (Disney).

NASCAR is about the only thing we used to watch that we wont be watching in the future (IRL isn't broadcast anyway). Buying tickets to the local short track will be cheaper than cable anyway.


Comment Re:Wasted technology? (Score 1) 189

Sure, but here in Indiana we only pay $0.09/kWh or $4/year/device or just over a penny a day, a penny a day for the convenience of being able to toss the phone on a pad instead of plugging it in. Given my failure rate at actually getting the phone plugged into that darn cable, I'd gladly pay a penny a day for a more reliable convenient method.

[ source ]


Comment WPAFB Dayton OH (Score 1) 435

Wright-Patterson air force base museum in Dayton OH is great!

Growing up we used to visit the museum 2 or 3 times a year. There is lots and lots of information. There is everything from the history of flight to the latest fighters. You can see the planes, read the history, touch and walk around the planes and jets. There are explanations of the technology from the wright brothers through the stealth planes.

Did you know that we refuel helocopters mid flight?! Have you see an atomic bomb? A B-52? A retired Airforce 1? A space capsule? A glider used by the US in Korea?

There is enough information to occupy 4 days. I last about 6 hours on a trip; 3 hours, eat, 3 hours, drive home.

I've been disappointed by the Smithsonian and Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, because they are tailored to people who aren't techies. I grew up in a science oriented family (we read the encylcopedias for fun kind of family) and always learn something new when I visit WrightPat.

Joe Batt

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