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Journal Journal: Working with friends

Always take pains to make any business affairs with friends well documented, and always make a clear distinction between work and friendship. Trust me, it makes things far easier in the long run.
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Journal Journal: EV Nova

It looks like I will be able to finish this game in the next few days. Will wonders never cease?

If anyone's interested in seeing what I've been up to all this time, try going here. You're looking for Escape Velocity (EV) Nova.

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Journal Journal: GameDev

I've nearly finished four years worth of work on a game I've been on the team for. It's taught me a few things, but this most important thing needs to be written down in a public place:

"Don't allow your scope to creep."

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Journal Journal: Mathematics and Arithmetic: my bane.

If any of you guys and gals ever decide to do anything with computers, you need to enroll yourself in a good maths course first. Whenever I'm required to do something code-wise I always run into the brick wall that I run into every time: I can't do maths. Not at all. Not for quids.

It's no good. I mean, really! A grown adult who can't multiply 23 and 98 in his head! An adult who knows all about ratios, fractions, etc. but can't actually do them. An adult who knows tons about the more abstract and higher end maths concepts like spherical trig, calculus, etc. but can't actually do them because his basis in things like surds and factorisation isn't good enough!

It annoys me to tears, it really does. I'm going to get out my maths books from Grade ~7~ again, and see if I can start from there.

Bloody hellfire.

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