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Comment So the shows are actually based on his stories? (Score 1) 193

Because if so then I sort of admire the guy, because that is some EPIC level trolling he's managed to pull off:

I've only seen one clip of the show, but I kid you not it was some of the dumbest "hollywood take on tech" shit I have ever seen. Something to do with having to download some software from the onboard computer of a commercial airplane and the best way to do it was... DANGLE a goddamn ethernet cable down from the airplane mid-flight to the protagonists in their fast car so they can plug it into their laptop and download the required software.

Comment Re:Sony playing catchup with Microsoft (Score 2) 277

How on earth do you figure this is a "blow" in the console war? Are you suggest that Microsoft was somehow behind this? Or is everything that gets reported on and is related to Playstation\Xbox now some sort of insidious plot to discredit one or the other console?

In reality it sounds like pure incompetence at Sony (and the same in the story you link about Microsoft) and I think when many people are affected by this sort of thing it's fair enough that it's covered on tech sites. It doesn't have to be part of some 'console war' that you parenthesize with apparent disdain while at the same time perpetuating the idea.

Comment Re:Fuck RIAA/MPAA (Score 1) 1005

As a New Zealander I will be watching this case with interest, particularly how quickly\easily the extradition proceeds. New Zealand law on extradition states that extradition must relate to an offence that:

"Involves conduct that would be regarded as criminal had it occurred in New Zealand, and would have carried a similar penalty."

The penalties they're talking about here sound much higher than what I would expect in NZ... so I'll be interested to see how this turns out.


Submission + - Microsoft's answer to the OLPC

bad_fx writes: It seems that the OLPC has shaken Microsoft a bit, as the beeb is now reporting that they will apparently be selling a package with "windows xp start, office 2007 and student 2007" for as little as $3. from the article:

Governments in developing countries can purchase the cut-price software, if they provide free PCs for schools.

"This is not a philanthropic effort, this is a business," Orlando Ayala of Microsoft told the Reuter's news agency.

Submission + - Seagate plans 37.5TB HDD within matter of years

Ralph_19 writes: Wired visited Seagate's R&D labs and learned we can expect 3.5-inch 300-terabit hard drives within a matter of years. Currently Seagate is using perpendicular recording but in the next decade we can expect heat-assisted magnetic recording (HARM), which will boost storage densities to as much as 50 terabits per square inch. The technology allows a smaller number of grains to be used for each bit of data, taking advantage of high-stability magnetic compounds such as iron platinum.

Other storage news is the new 32GB SSD from SanDisk. This is a 1.8-inch flash-based drive for notebooks. It's still quite expensive, in the first half of this year a 32GB SSD will add roughly $600 to the price of a notebook.

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