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Comment Re:It is bad, wrong way to go about it (Score 1) 2044

Original post said is there anything that the Government does right. Local government is still government. There is plenty of examples of the government getting things right. Only when the government screws up do you hear about in the media. The rest of the time, the government is just working correctly in the background.

Comment Re:Well, lets see (Score 1) 2044

Since the insurance industry is the most regulated of all in America, maybe the regulators should take some responsibility for the mess..

Regulated!? Excuse me?! The health insurance industry has an anti-trust exemption. How is that over regulated? These guys have totally run a muck.

Comment Re:A false choice, of course... (Score 3, Insightful) 2044

The insurance companies are far from true capitalism. They have an anti-trust exemption, for crying out load. That's a license to screw the customer, which is what they are doing. If we actually had true competition in the insurance market, I might accept some of your argument. As it is, the government is the only entity large enough to be able to compete with the ginormous health insurance companies.

Comment Re:no upgrades?? (Score 2, Informative) 636

My Sprint Samsung Moment is supposed to get an upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1 in the "first half" of this year. Granted that the carrier is the gate keeper for this upgrade, but there IS a path for upgrade. I look forward to the upgrade for many reasons. I chose the Moment over the Hero because I felt that the hardware was better, and I knew the software would be upgraded. That's why I bought an Android phone, because it will be upgraded.

Comment Re:Sure, let's have more unschooling... (Score 1) 1345

I'm not sure why you assume anything about my father being strict. Perhaps you just read a book about conservative/liberal politics, and are keen to apply your new buzzwords?

Anyway, I beg you to show me one kid who would by his/her own accord sit down and learn to read, write, do math, and so on. Most kids would rather play games and colour books all day, which is what "unschooling" is all about.

Actually applying some cognitive science terminology to your rant about stupid lazy people. People need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, right?

No one ever said that the kids would be learning on their own, but that they would be learning about what interests them. My daughter was three and couldn't wait to learn to read. Kids love, absolutely love to learn, as long as we don't impose a system on them that smashes that love. Playing games and coloring are a very important part of growing up. They will do that, until they have done that as much as they want, then they will go do something else, naturally. Let Education Always Remain Natural (LEARN).

Comment Re:If the parents (Score 1) 1345

Unschoolers that I know, and since I am one, I know a lot of them, are every one of them is very conscience of socializing.

I was a lot more open to the idea of "unschooling" before I read this tortured sentence. Really, if they sent words to Guantanamo to be questioned, you'd be the person standing in the water-boarding room waiting for them.

Good point. Actually, I'm a product of public school. My unschooled daughter would tear me up for having written such a poor sentence. Doh!

Comment Re:Great idea! (Score 1) 1345

Unschoolers don't use a cirriculum. The idea of unschooling is that when you come up with something that sounds interesting enough to learn, you figure out how to learn about that subject. Go as deep or as shallow as your interest takes you. Just like in the adult world. When we started homeschooling our kids, we were using a curriculum, and the kids did it, but they were bored silly pretty quickly. We came to call this "school at home". What's the point of that? Once we embraced unschooling, our kids blossomed. The loved it. They learned so much on their own it was astonishing.

The public school methodology works great for what it was designed for. The problem is that it was designed to create good factory workers for the dawn of the industrial age. For today's world, the school system is broken, and unschoolers aren't going to wait for someone to fix it. Taking action. Taking control.

The unschooling community is very much like the open source community. It's about freedom and control of your own destiny.

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