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Comment Re:US vs UK... (Score 1) 1174

If it is a two wire socket, the screw probably won't be grounded either since the box itself probably doesn't have a ground wire coming to it. At least that's the case in my old house. I had two wire sockets virtually everywhere and worse the outlets were old enough that they weren't holding a plug properly. Short of tearing open the walls and running new wires, the only option was to replace them with GFI plugs.


Submission + - Linux is Boring (internetnews.com)

eldavojohn writes: "Now, before you release the hounds and flood my e-mail account with hatemail and death threats, it should be noted that this sentiment was expressed on the opening day of LinuxWorld 2007 by none other than Andrew Morton himself. Believe it or not, the title of this article & story is a compliment to Linux & its creators. What do you look for when you buy software to run your services and datacenters? Are you excited about the possible endless nights you could spend wondering what the hell is going on inside the OS? Are you tantalized with the curiosity of whether or not drivers have been written yet for your hardware? I think the answers to those are 'no.' Nobody's looking for excitement & adventure in computing when they buy software and that's precisely why calling Linux boring, predictable, mature & stable is the most impressive award you can give a piece of software. Maybe if your system administrator is Harrison Ford, they're looking for a little bit of excitement but the general consensus is that boring is good."

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