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Comment Re:Hey Michael, how about more Ubuntu Desktops? (Score 1) 160

Gamers and Enthusiasts.

But the low-end XPS is also just a nice multimedia PC.

More expansion slots and so forth.

I actually could care less about games. I'd buy an XPS Desktop if I were buying a Dell PC because it gives me the options I want.

At the very least, a GPU and a sound card.

Oh and Ubuntu *is* an option with the XPS notebook.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Many Linux users work with multiple OS platforms (

angrykeyboarder writes: "Many Linux users in fact use multiple Operating Systems. While this isn't a surprise or big news, it does demonstrate that despite the desire of many in the Linux community, Linux alone does not meet the OS needs of everyone.

The author of an article on took an informal survey of people on a Linux Users Group mailing list and found 75% of the (rather small sample of 25) respondents also used Windows or Mac OSX.

In addition, the author himself states that he 'recently received a new MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.4 from our corporate [Sourceforge, Inc. parent company of Sourceforge, Slashdot and] headquarters' for use with some non-Linux apps."

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