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Journal Journal: Email-Reading Spyware Bundled with Audiogalaxy

"Apparently a group called VX2 is making this new spyware program called Sputnik that, when installed, spies on what you type in online forms in order to "build information on Internet trends." This includes search queries, email, etc. Apparently this software has, until recently, been included with versions of Audiogalaxy. If you think you're affected by this, here's the uninstallation procedure.

VX2 is being purposefully vague about their product (although I did get a better idea of what it does here), and Audiogalaxy refuses to comment on Sputnik being included with their software."

The above story was submitted to Slashdot and rejected, for reasons unknown. A few possibilities exist:

  1. It appeared on K5 first, and Slashdot got envious.
  2. Slashdot didn't think spyware reading email was significant enough to mention.
  3. Slashdot doesn't care if its readers are spied on my corporations.
  4. Slashdot actually supports the spyware company.

There is a popular maxim: "Never attribute to malice what you can to incompetence." Neither possibility can be wholly dismissed, since it is known now that the Slashdot editiors are both incompetent and malicious. So, I may never know why this article, important in an age when privacy is at a premium, was rejected for publication. Perhaps the editor (or editors) who rejected this article could take the time out from modding down Goatse pushers to discuss this matter. However, given the current climate, I seriously doubt that they will respond. So, I leave you all to comment on this as you see fit. Try to keep the noise to a minimum so the signal can get through.

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