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Journal Journal: /. poll suggestion

Although it may have been done already.

Biggest /. peeve.

1. First Posters.
2. Flamers to innocent/innocuous posts.
3. Polls w/o CowboyNeal option.
4. Missing the moderator window.
5. Unnecessary foul language.
N. CowboyNeal

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Journal Journal: The Significance of the Pickle

With all respect to Arlo, and even recognition for the inspiration.

Consider the pickle. Not just the sweet or tart cucumber bought in most grocery chains (yech) but the cultural significance of said food product.

To pickle is one of the oldest forms of food preservation that really spans the entire globe and maybe every culture on the planet. My eighth grade science teacher has us all make a bread-and-butter pickle that I really liked. We had to bring in the cucumbers and a jar, then we mixed the ingredients and let them sit on a shelf for some time. I don't really remember the lesson, but the result was kinda fun, and that one of the few things I remember about 8th grade science.

And its not just cucumbers that are pickled: carrots, beets, broccoli, and cauliflower. I'll bet even meat has been pickled. Although I cannot imagine pickled beef, or chicken, it just wouldn't be right to do that to a filet mignon. Besides, good beef has it's own preservation process; dry aging.

Then there is cabbage - sour kraut is my favorite, especially on a 'dirty water dog' from a pushcart here in NYC. (The pushcart is no longer pushed in NYC, they are either motorized, or pulled behind a van.)

Lets not forget kim-chi, the hot Korean fare. I've never actually had kim-chi. I plan to do so, someday, along with getting downtown for a real good gherkin, or bread-and-butter, right out of a barrel.

So the pickle is so important that it has seeped into our very culture and vocabulary.

In a pickle - both a baseball reference and in general.

To be pickled - I've been pickled a couple of times.

Pickle puss - we all know this person.

I once had a crush on a girl by the name of Pickle, her last name of course. She was cute and fun, too bad I was clueless. Ah, college. I'll leave the suggestive thoughts elsewhere.

My niece drinks pickle juice right from the jar. Just opens the fridge, grabs the jar and chugs it right down. I believe she prefers Vlassic kosher dills. There is someone who likes pickles more than I do. Actually, I'll bet there are many people who do, but that is true love.

Then there is the motorsickle...

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Journal Journal: Why is it...

Why is it that whenever I am at a computer and ready to write in my journal I cannot remember the thousand things that I thought of to write about while I was away from a computer (on the train, for an hour and a half)

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