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Journal Journal: The War...

Alright - apparently I have fans now. Yay for me! Or something like that. Anyways - I'm going to try and put out a 'journal entry' I suppose to explain where I stand on the war (which is what I have been writing about the most these days).

First off - I am not pro-war. I hate the thought of war. I'm frightened by what it means and what it might bring. I'm very much of the view that this war is unnesscessary.

Or was unnesscessary. I also believe that Saddam has to be removed. If only because he's a threat to stability in the gulf, which is right now the most strategically important location in the world. Ignoring what he has done to his own country, looking at what he has done in the past to other countries makes it clear to me that he needs to be removed. He needed to be removed tweleve years ago. And thanks to 'diplomatic' efforts by opposed countries (which essentially means standing around and making sure that the UN has no teeth to use to enforce it's resolutions) the US was left with little choice.

So I'm not pro-war. I'm pro-getting rid of Saddam.

Some things I've noticed though in my diatribes on the subject:

(a) People seem to enjoy saying that this is a plot for the US to gain access to Iraqi oil. I have yet to see any evidence of this besides the occasional reference to US history. To this I point out that the main opposition to the war also have a less than stellar history. I don't need to go into the past crimes of Russia or Germany. France too, under Napolean and Co. Yes - some of the references are slightly older than the US references, but the point is that history does not matter a whit.

(b) People like comparing Bush to ruthless dictators by throwing up cheap references to the occasional act which might mirror something Hitler did, but it also might mirror something anyone else has done.

Think about it folks. Like Bush or not, he is not Hitler. He's not Stalin. He's not Milosovic. These people have perpetrated clear evils against humanity. Bush hasn't even scratched the surface of their evil. But do you know who has?


(c) Alot of anti-war people are all too anxious to jump on anything that sounds even remotely pro-war. These people aren't worth listening to. They ignore facts and only look at what they want to see. They need to open their eyes.

(d) D is an overrated letter.

(e) I wish that those anti-war protestors would try to go to Iraq and speak out against the government. And while I'm talking about them - to that certain group of protesters who are going beyond the doctrine of civil disobedience - yeah, nice way to promote peace folks. Violence really lends legitimacy to your claim.

I think that's it for now. My thoughts and prayers are with both the American and British soliders in the Gulf, and with the Iraqi people who have lived too long under an opressive, evil regime. Hopefully this will be the last war they have to suffer for some time.


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