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Journal Journal: To keep my summer interesting 2

First, some background. I have a gaming PC that was split between linux and windows. Upon getting a dedicated linux PC, I wanted to remove linux from my gaming PC in order to get more HD space. First order of business was to remove GRUB, which, on some erronious information, was done my fdisk /mbr. As I have WinXP, the computer then refused to boot. At that point, I found the WinXP install disk hung, but knoppix could boot. Thinking quickly, I used my linux PC to create a GRUB boot floppy, which would then boot my windows system. This met with success, and my windows PC boots again. I then unpartitioned the linux space, so except for the boot phase, everything is working perfectly.

Now the meat of the story. Because I might want to sell this PC in the future, and because I like all of my PCs in full working order, I want to get the NTLDR back on there. I installed the Recovery Console per MS instructions, but it hangs when it loads up, probably due to some hardware conflict. As my computer is working fine now, I am not concerned. But I would like to get it working. Then I discovered Dell has toll-free tech support. As they are, according to MS, the primary support service for my copy of Windows, I am going to call their tech support until my problem is fixed. I don't care how long it takes, or even if it gets fixed. That is, at this point, an added bonus. You might call this torture, but, hey, if they can't fix my problem, they aren't doing their job, and if they aren't doing their job, why shouldn't I pester them. Remember, I'll stop doing this if they fix it.

Anyway, as I have one month before school starts, for once I don't think I will get bored, except perhaps on weekends. And, it's unlikely, but my computer might work better at the end of it!

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