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Comment Amazing over-reaction of the left, like 8 years ag (Score 4, Insightful) 590

The progressive elements have become nothing if predictable. It wasn't that long ago that Obama got the Nobel Peace prize simply for being elected President. Now we have the opposite but equal over-reaction with. Instead of Obama saving the world, we have Trump destroying it. I have no doubt that just like Obama didn't earn the Nobel Peace prize, Trump won't earn the terror his election has triggered.

Comment Re:Less than 1/3 the output (Score 1) 587

This is so far off the mark. OCR doesn't care if your dev's are onshore or offshore. What OCR cares about is if the dev's had access to ePHI or PII. If all they get in test/dev is de-identified or fake data, OCR is likely happy. They'll investigate to make sure your access controls are in place to enforce separation of duties and that developers can't access production.

OCR will also investigate how your network segmentation is done, you aren't using a flat network, are you?

While there is some risk is doing off-shore development for HIPAA related applications, it is in no way verboten.

Comment Re: Errrrm, analyse your traffic? ... Maybe? (Score 2) 279

Spend even $100 on a good router like an EdgeRouter Lite. Set the outbound firewall to record all activity for a day or even hours. Look through the logs, research and block what you. Repeat the process on occasion and you'll reduce your risk by quite a bit, though there will always be some residual risk.

Comment Re:Productive Purpose? (Score 1) 64

I'd be careful with doing this. It can create a legal liability, if InfoSec runs a password cracking tool against current hashes and succeeds in getting plain text passwords at that point the individual accountability becomes questionable. You can enforce procedures to keep InfoSec legally accountable, but a savvy lawyer will create doubt. The better answer is to run a password cracking tool against hashes that are older, 6 months to a year depending on your password change requirements. Then target any users whose password is cracked with training on password security. With your legal team's approval and help, you can inform the user that they are getting the remedial training because an old password was cracked.

Comment Re:what? (Score 3, Insightful) 403

Nothing has happened to innocent until proven guilty. It is a factual statement that Hillary is under investigation by the FBI. Now if the RNC had said something like "under investigation by the FBI and will be found to have broken multiple laws" that would be another story. Just because you are innocent until proven guilty doesn't mean it isn't known that you are being investigated.

Comment One less device (Score 1) 507

While I like the Roku on my non-smart TV for my soon to be ex-wife she would rather have less boxes around the TV. In addition to less boxes, that means fewer remotes. For a non-techie sometimes even a Harmony remote is frustrating. Also if there are problems with the home network, it is one less device to manage and troubleshoot.

Comment Re:Sad Puppies (Score 1) 231

The Rabid Puppies support the straight white male theory. The Sad Puppies want an end to the collusion to pick Hugo winners, Scalzi has for years run a loose slate. His was no where near organized like last year's Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies slates, but it was a slate nonetheless. The Sad Puppies, don't care about politics, skin color, or sex of the author. The founders want good Science Fiction to win, not Science Fiction that delivers a message that the Social Justice Bullies agree with. Just take a look at many of the nominations last year, men, women, straight, gay, all were there. The founder of the Sad Puppies is a Hispanic male, and Brad Torgersen who ran one of the campaigns has been married to a black woman for a very long time. The Social Justice Bullies want people to think it is about sex, either gender or partner preferences.

Comment Re:not quite there yet (Score 1) 22

I saw a therapist just yesterday who said that it is a service now available to do DNA testing and at least get an idea of which categories of drugs you'll likely have a good response, bad response or no response. She said she just had a client go to the place for the first time and was going to see how it works out for that client.

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