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Journal Journal: Launches

After a grueling two weeks of work, has launched. uses the Amazon API to grab product data, and lets members organize these products, rate them, comment on them, and share their wishlists with others.

Using AJAX to minimize the hassle of adding products to wishlists, is fully "Web 2.0" aware, but does not yet incorporate the Web 2.1 blink, or a fully Web 2.0 compliant name; this is not likely to change, although other feature upgrades are already in development.
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Journal Journal: Color of My Sound - An Online Synesthaesia Experiment

Being lead programmer at a web shop that doubles as an art gallery means working on some pretty cool projects. We're finally launching a public version of a small, flash-based audio-rating application that we built for a show about Synesthaesia - the mixing of the senses. You can upload MP3s, listen to mp3s that others have uploaded, and - most importantly - assign colors to that audio. Then, see what others have chosen.

Check it out:

Journal Journal: Audition - Band Website Software

Just wanted to officially go on the record announcing a web application geared specifically for bands. It's built from the ground up to support bands and the particular types of data with which they find themselves working. It's not a repurposed blogging, portal or existing cms.

Some features of the web app:
  • News: Create and edit news postings for individual users, and the band as a whole.
  • Band member blogs: Blogs are separate from band news, and allow members a more initimate forum to express themselves.
  • Shows:Create a master list of every show you've ever played, including venue, date, time, whether the show was all ages, notes and other bands who also played.
  • Venues simply everything: Once you've played somewhere, that venue is present in an easily accessible list, which can be searched by city and state/province. When you play there again, you won't have to find its information; simply select its state, then city, and then choose the venue itself.
  • Searchable shows/news: Site visitors can search for bands' next underage shows, or which shows have media associated with them
  • Show calendar: the default view for shows on the public website is a calendar.
  • Tour creator
  • Track all information about releases
  • Links
  • ImageMagick Support. Audition uses ImageMagick to auto-create thumbnails. Different media areas can employ different rules for how large thumbnails and source images can be on the site.
  • Flexible Media Management: Add media that's stored locally, enter a URL for a remote file, add an alias to an existing file already on your site, or add a bunch of files to an incoming directory (through ftp), and add as many of those files to a particular section as you want. Batch adding fully supported!
  • (the obligatory) and more!

Some features of the code:

  • Built using PHP & MySQL
  • PHP functions and classes output no html, so you can easily customize the look of the site you create. You can even make the various pages output pure XML, and feed a flash site that way.
  • Built in object-oriented PHP (to whatever degree that's possible ;-) )

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Journal Journal: New version of defuglify slashdot

This probably would have been posted sooner, if it weren't impossible to login... :<

A new version of the favelet is available. It should handle the pseudo-static pages that slashdot serves up...the ones that are like:

This should check to see if you're viewing a page like that, and, if you are, it'll replace that with a valid sid, and then move you on over to a less freaky ui.

Get the bookmarklet here.
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Journal Journal: God, Slashdot is ugly these days 1

Anyone looking to get rid of Slashdot's ugliness should head here, and use my carefully named "Defuglify Slashdot" favelet. Just drag it to your browser's bookmark bar, and, when confronted with or something else, just click it, and whatever page in whatever article you're reading will reload with slashdot's default color scheme.

Reply in my journal with suggestions for other Slashdot-related mischief.

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