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Data Storage

Submission + - Fusion-io's ioDrive starts at $2,400

Harry writes: "Finally Fusion-io's oh-so-fast ioDrive PCIe card got a price tag. The 640GB flash-based storage card will set you for only about $2400 when it hits the market in early Q1 2008. The card could be a good buy for industrial application as it offers RAM like performance, power of 1000 hard drives, and performance of a multi-rack disk array in a single PCIe card."
Data Storage

Windows Home Server Corrupts Files 459

crustymonkey points out a ComputerWorld article which says that "Microsoft Corp. has warned Windows Home Server users not to edit files stored on their backup systems with several of its programs, including Vista Photo Gallery and Office's OneNote and Outlook, as well as files generated by popular finance software such as Quicken and QuickBooks." Crustymonkey asks Don't back up your files to Windows Home Server, as recommended by Microsoft themselves? I'm not exactly sure what the point is in having a home server if you can't back up files on it."

Wal-Mart Begins Massive Push For HD DVD 338

Several readers sent us word of Wal-Mart's ordering 2 million HD DVD players from China. Hans V wrote, "My kids work at Wal-Mart and the manager there has been talking about this. HD-DVD's are selling like mad there so I hear." Another reader sent us a few links in Chinese and summarized them this way: "The first batches of these blue-laser HD DVD players are to land sometime in 2007, with complete fulfillment of the order [from Fuh Yuan] in 2008. The deal could be worth up to $300 million US, which translates to $150 per player. If so, by the time Christmas 2007 rolls around, Wal-Mart could be selling these for less than $200 retail, although some speculate that the initial manufacturer suggested retail pricing might be in the ballpark of $299. Currently the cheapest high-definition player is a Toshiba HD DVD with an MSRP of $399." By comparison Blu-Ray players, manufactured in Japan, are not expected to drop below $1000 until next year. The International Herald Tribune writes about the risk Toshiba is taking by bringing in Chinese manufacturers to trump Sony in the format war.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - MacBook Battery fire, this time in Australia

Currawong writes: "On MacTalk Australia, one of our users has had his MacBook's battery explode, telling us the frightening story of his girlfriend waking him in a panic at 3am after seeing his MacBook spontaneously catch fire in their kitchen. "[She]..said she heard it hissing like a steam valve, then smoke started pouring out of it and a couple of seconds later, a very large flash fire started. I'm sure you have read about these and seen the dell video. This is what happened to my macbook." We're now awaiting the response from Apple Australia to the owner, as it's the first time we know of they've had to deal with this issue."

Submission + - 1.7 Billion Digits of Pi on One CD ISO

H0ek writes: With March 14th coming up, and already one article about Pi day up, I figure it's time to expose the CD ISO of 1.7 billion digits of pi. This CD has a search tool (and source code) on it to allow you to find groups of digits, and a textfile that describes how to use the tools and links to the source of this material. This was mentioned a few years ago but it's time for the ISO to make rounds again. Want to prove your memorization skills? Here's your chance!
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - MP tries to Klinon to power

Daehenoc writes: From,23599,21372488-1376 2,00.html: "A Finnish member of parliament is aiming for re-election by campaigning with a translation of his website into Klingon, used in the TV series Star Trek. "Some have thought it is blasphemy to mix politics and Klingon," said Jyrki Kasvi, an ardent Trekkie. "Others say it is good if politicians can laugh at themselves." He said his politics posed some translation difficulties, since Klingon does not have words for matters such as tolerance, or for many colours, including green — the party under whose banner he is running in the national elections on March 18. Non-warriors can also access the site,, in English, Swedish and Finnish.'

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