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Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 3, Insightful) 649

No you don't. That's Keynesian nonsense. Corporations that are poorly managed need to go bankrupt and the burden should not be placed on the tax payers. Yes, some people will lose their jobs. That's called life, sometimes it happens. The worst thing you can do is paper over it just to make everyone happy. Another company that is better managed will move in to fill the void, they always do. Now that executives of major corporations know they can rely on Uncle Sam to bail them out for making big mistakes (and they won't even go to jail if they commit massive fraud like the banking scandals of the last decade), there is no incentive for them to not take big gambles and otherwise behave more recklessly than they would if there were actual consequences.

Comment Re:The difference (Score 1) 1435

I have a CCW permit for both Florida and Utah (which is valid in over 30 states total). The "training" was essentially demonstrating to the instructor that I can actually hit the paper target and there was a class that was about 1.5 to 2 hours long that was more or less about what you could and couldn't do with your permit than about how to handle your weapon. I was not evaluated by any law enforcement agent from either state. From what I remember it was basically a standard background check and the instructor had to vouch that you weren't a complete idiot. It was not a rigorous process at all.

Comment SeaTools (Score 1) 348

Not sure how effective this is, but we've been testing our hard drives using the Long Generic test with SeaTools. It appears to do a write/read test on each sector of the drive, as large drives such as a 2TB can take almost a full day to complete. There's also an option to repair bad sectors during the test. Seems to be pretty effective, and it's probably better than nothing. YMMV

Comment Re:Should I get an iPhone rather than Android (Score 1) 154

What do you like about the S3 that you feel makes it superior to iPhone? What I've noticed about most iPhone/Android comparisons is that people will present minor features that most users will never touch as their reasons for their preferred device being "superior". It's like at the beginning of Monty Python and the Meaning of Life where the Protestant husband is describing how they are superior to Catholics because they can have sex anytime they want and not have to worry about having children because they are allowed to wear condoms. And during the conversation with his wife it is revealed that they've only had sex twice and have two children.

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