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Journal Journal: Fox News View of The BBC

I saw this the other day, and I couldn't believe my eyes or ears.

Fox News Views of The BBC

Speaking as a brit, (someone who sponsors the BBC through the UK TV license), I found this truly hurtful. I have NEVER found the BBC to be Anti-American, or deliberately lying to push out an entertaining story. Although in this case the Journalist may possibly have exagerated his evidence, I cannot see how this was an attack on the US government. It is only 10 Downing Street that is at issue with the BBC.

It seems to me that there is rarely smoke without fire and history will see that we will know the truth of the matter.

As for Fox News? Let us not forget that this is the News Channel that fought for the legal right to broadcast lies.

Rupert Murdochs Fox Television wins court case for Right To LIE!

And this is My Word: The most patriotic thing this guy (whoever he is?) could do is to eat that lapel flag pin and choke on it.

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Journal Journal: Every Day, When I Wake Up... I poke myself in the Eye!

Yeah, I, um... got Contact Lenses!

Freaky stuff, but I've been using them for a week now and I'm really happy with them.

My Visa for Nigeria expires today, that's kinda depressing because should I need to go back now I'll be stuck having to re-apply. and As I've had a re-entry visa that I haven't used much for 9 months now I've got the feeling they'll want me to go back to Temporary Work Permits especially if I end up working for another company.

The guy at 123tkshop hasn't updated anything so I'm going to continue to work on the older 0.3 version that's still available on sourceforge. I've currently got pretty much everything working and I understand more completely how it was set up. I've also fixed a large number of typos that Register_Globals hid in earlier versions of PHP. I'm going to hack at the scripts, to make them 100% XHTML 1.0 and CSS2 Compliant. So that I can be pretty sure the pages will display properly. Also I can get away from the different scripts for left or right side panels, which can be handled simply with a central css script.

Anyway, enough

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Journal Journal: Long Overdue Update

Things are moving along slowly but surely, I'm still working away at my own business, I've developed quite a few apps now for Orange in Bristol which they seem to be delighted with. The latest is a Blog system so all the engineers on the Orange Building Management Systems can interact and cooperate to keep things running smoothly.

I've been taking a look at 123tkshop which is an opensource online store system that seems to have become stagnated for the last year. After a little hacking and playing I've managed to get the setup scripts working in PHP 4.2 on Win2k, both of which were impossible before, but now I notice that the developer is about to release a new version. However his note says check back july 1st which will soon be 1 month overdue, so I may continue in my development of it to get the full system running and if I get something working out of it I'll contact the developer.

My website hasn't been updated for a while I'm still working on some other stuff that needs close attention. Before long I'll get back in there and finish it off.

I've got Linux working on my battered old laptop now, I'm excited that the driver support in linux is better than compaq (now hp) ever offered. If anyone's looking to get Debian working on a Compaq Presario 1700 17XL365 I can give you some tips. The only thing I've yet to sort out is the ACPI system, which apparently due to a bug ridden bios from Compaq. I've got temperature readouts and hd shutdown working which is enough for me.

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Journal Journal: Officially Self Employed 1

I'm now officially registered as a sole trader!

So while I'm waiting to be paid for the work I did for the last six months, I've got some projects lined up to bring in some cash. Once I land a big cheque I'm going to be investing in a bit of advertising to see what I can get.

I'm offering my services as a web CGI programmer, networking specialist, and hardware technician, in that order of preference. Soon I'll be on a course for the Trend 962 Building management system that a LOT of big businesses use. I've already hacked on some scripts that do some cool things with this system and to figure out more of it would mean I could do a lot more cool stuff that people will pay £,£££'s for. I have got all this stuff in my head that could be making me a living right now so I figure I might as well go for it!

Smell ya later.

Update: In response to the AC who replied to this entry, I think you're thinking of Soul Trader - not quite what I meant, but fundamentally more interesting none the less ;-)

Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: Merry Xmas message

Yeah, Hope u had a Merry Xmas and all that, had a pretty merry day myself!

I'm Planning for New Year Now, what to do, what to do...

I'll think of something don't worry.

Jo got me the Kurt Cobain Journals Book, so I've been in bed reading since!

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Journal Journal: Dad's Back

Dad got back into the UK today for Christmas, haven't spoken to him yet cos he's been sleeping.

I have just spent the last two days in bristol to help Barry & Katie move house. I don't know, moving house, christmas and then getting married seems to roll all of the three most stressful things in life into one....

Anyway, the new house looks like it will be good for them.

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Journal Journal: Money


Well that's out of my system now.... The Stag night was pretty cool, got well and truly tequila'd up so Sunday was a pretty slow day.

I gotta get my sister an xmas present. what the heck will she want...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Barrys Stag Night Tonight

I'm off to Bristol tonight for my Cousins Fiance's (Barry's) stag night. Should be a laugh!

I should be able to report more monday if I'm still alive

User Journal

Journal Journal: Back in the UK

Finally got back home yesterday, My Virgin Atlantic flight was delayed over 17 hours which is a bit of a nightmare. I was so tired that as soon as I got my seat on the plane I fell asleep. I woke up when the flight attendants started yelling about duty frees and we were already in the air! First time I've ever slept through a take-off anyway!

London was very dark and grey and freezing cold, in fact when my bus from Heathrow to Newport pulled into Newport Bus Station it was snowing.

Moving from the Sub-Saharan West African Tropics to this weather in just a few hours is quite a shock to the system.

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Journal Journal: Last Day tomorrow

Just a note to say tomorrow is my last day at work in Nigeria for 2002, sweet xmas holiday to come back home in the UK as of Monday! Yay! But Tina isn't coming with me :'-( (maybe for easter eh?)

This is my first journal entry, does anyone read this stuff?

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