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Journal Journal: more subcon

This time I had a dream I was a lab scientist of sorts. The lab I worked at was doing experiments with brain signals. We had machines that could convert the thoughts in your mind to digital signals and vise versa. I'll call them BDCs (Brainwave to Digital Converters) and DBCs (you can figure it out).

We had sensory devices that looked like a hand-held shower nozzle, I'll call them MRDs, (Mind Reading Device). You would press these against your forhead and hook them up to a BDC or DBC and could send or receive thoughts electronically.

Our current experiment involved using another person's brain to route signals. One of the scientists opted to be the guinea pig, I'll call him John. We put John in an unconscious state of mind, REM, and hooked him up to some BDCs and DBCs.

In one room, a group of scientists had the MRDs on their forheads, trying to send thoughts. In another room, we had John's mind configured to receive and then transmit the signals. In a 3rd room we had an interesting device, it would take brain signals, and depending on what they were, would move magnetic donut-shaped objects up/down a pillar.

My job was to calibrate John's MRD. They have to be calibrated finely or they won't work properly. Unfortunately... I made a glaring error when calibrating his. When the expiriment started, the MRD basically started cooking this man's brain internally. He'd be permantly brain damaged.

I felt awful in that moment, knowing I was going to get in big trouble for this mistake, but even more, I had ruined this once brilliant man's life forever.

Suffice to say I was relieved when I woke.

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Journal Journal: Another strange dream

The other night I had another strange dream. This time it was about my sister's cat, Anna. We decided to try an experiment to make her more intelligent. We surgically implanted a microprocessor into her brain and I wrote a simple operating system to run on the it.

Once the procedure was finished and the device activated, Anna went totally berserk and attacked us all. It was quite scary. Later she escaped. Then we found her and sedated her.

We removed the microprocessor and then she was back to normal.

The moral of the dream was either, "Do not toy with nature" or "If your cat was smarter, it would try to kill you."

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Journal Journal: weird dreaM 1

i had a dream last night that I was driving my car on the freeway... and I took a wrong exit. And that exit ended up going directly into some guy's backyard. and I was just trapped there. couldn't go back up the ramp because I'd be facing the wrong way. it was kind of scary.

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