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Journal Journal: Space travel - sign me up

The Mars water discovery is mind-expanding - the possibilities are profound.

I'd love to go into space - always have. Actually feel betrayed by the previous generation for not embracing space travel after the successes of the '60s.

All we need is for oil to be found on Mars:)

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Journal Journal: Angels & Demons was fun to read

Reading Dan Brown's 'Angels & Demons' was fun - he's good at threading together popular conspiracy theories and adding in a bunch of near-true stuff.

He does seem to have an obsession with people in positions of power abusing their position - every book of his till now has had the head honcho for the baddies turn out to be the chief of the good side - the NSA chief, the CERN chief, the Louvre chief, ...

still good to read - teaches me a little more than I didnt know about that particular conspiracy theory - what's next? JFK?

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