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Journal Journal: Valerie Plame wasn't a covert agent so she couldn't be outed 16

I'm sorry, but this is a really simple case of liberal BS building up in the drain that is my ear. And yes, I'm sort of comparing my ear to a toilet. That's because lots of liberal crap goes into it, as I've pointed out!

But this Karl Rove stuff really takes the cake. I'm not sure if you wanted the image of food after all that talk of crap, but you've got it, precisely because this Karl Rove liberal propaganda has gone too far.

Rove mentioned that Wilson's wife was "at the agency". Firstly, it was a statement about Wilson, not about her - let alone an exposure of her. Secondly, and correlatively, he didn't give her name. Thirdly, he didn't specify that she was a CIA agent - just "at the agency". Rove said it so offhandedly, and was so unmoved by its implications (and Plame's covert status), that he didn't even bother phrasing this revelation precisely. What does that mean? He didn't know of its implications; he didn't know of Plame's covert status. But you would realize that listening to the vilification he's receiving from the populist nutjobs huddled on the left, whining and pissing themselves with bile.

Rove made a mistake. But it was a very trivial mistake - because, as my headline cogently argues, Plame lived at Langley and she wasn't a covert agent of any kind anymore, unless she was pretending to non-CIA janitor, or something.

The liberal media, however, made it look like the leak meant Plame had to suddenly be tugged out of an explosive situation, or something. That, as we now know, is total liberal propaganda and should be recognized by everyone and such.

I just can't believe how liberals can lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, with no consequences, and no one in the liberal media calling them up on their enormous logical errors. How can people be so logically inconsistent and be lauded for it?

It has to stop.
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Journal Journal: Freedom is on the march!

Yeah! Look at the goddamn trends.


Try as they might, goddamn liberals can't stop the spread of liberty, no, no they can't because, freedom, freedom is on the march. Bitches!

And tides of freedom are accompanied by rising security, which means that America will be safe, unfortunately not as yet from the foes from within that must be crushed to preserve freedom, but from others.

How can you NOT have voted for Bush, now, so-called liberals. How can you shrug off this progress? Don't you care about democracy? You are lost the upper ground of idealism, you pragmatic yet still inept bastards. We need a man of bold and encompassing vision to change the world, not a pragmatist to just counter each symptom of a crappy world.

I may not agree with President George W. Bush's decisions, but I agree with his willingness to make them.
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Journal Journal: The bias against conservatism on Slashdot is well-pronounced 13

This is both the source and the cause of great anger in me. I am a lifelong conservative, and I admit that I voted for President Bush. Slashdot would mod down this entry if it could, but fortunately, journals are pure expression, uninhibited in their right to life by negative preconceptions.

Liberals have no basis - they have no morals or ethics. They would let everything America stands for get swept aside by expediency. This is their nature. Their nature is to be weak. Is Slashdot a place full of their weakness?

I have seen pro-conservative comments get modded down. This doesn't happen for leftist comments. Leftist fascist communists seem to be taking over Slashdot and I personally won't stand for it. Don't say something stupid like "then sit for it" you morons.

I won't see the America I love be turned over the pettiness and infidelity of the left. They have no respect for American institutions and they have no respect for our society. How can they, for example, in a time of war criticize the President Bush so openly? This is what the Enemy wants!

Of course I've also heard their arguments against Bush. Let me address them: Bush has taken the steps to ensure a strong America in the face of multitudes of people who hate freedom. They have no right to hate freedom. Not when it's a threat to America. Does economic management matter when America is under threat? No. Nothing will matter if America is hit again in bursts of flame and hatred. The only thing that matters is securing America, and if that involves killing everyone in Iraq then I'll pick up a gun and do it myself. I didn't support the war in Iraq because I feel we should invade Syria and Iran first. That said, I respect Bush's decision-making abilities and his confidence in approaching Saddam's evil.

Evil threatens America. Liberals don't want a free and powerful America. Liberals want to weaken our government. In war, they try and suck out its middle. Where did the French Revolution start? France. Liberalism and all the rubbish associated with those ideologies started in France, and we must stamp it out, along with the French. History proves that the French are not our friends, and history is the foundation of this great country.

I will not see this country die. Its strength is in its industry - all our industries. Liberals want to weaken our industry by giving more power to the government. I say no. Our power is, for example, in its chemical industry. If thousands supposedly die because of polutants, I say that they have served their country - they have ensured its wealth and power by taking with our success the issues that success brings. I love my country and I feel we must fight to preserve it against all enemies - France, terrorism and liberals. If we have to do it alone, we will. We can and we will. That is my struggle, as an American; our struggle as Americans.

Civil rights are a popular subject for Democrats. Has Bush cracked down on civil rights? Only to the extent that is absolutely necessary to protect freedom from the terrorists. This is essential. Civil rights will have their time, but not when America is so directly under threat. 9/11 proved that we are the target of great hatred and it will take great leadership to fight it. If it means bombing the hell out of everyone to save America, we must. The United States of America is the world's greatest, final hope in the face of chaos.

And liberals point out casualties in Iraq. Are they suffering as badly as they were under Saddam? No, they are not. We have freed the good people of Iraq from the oppression of their fundamentalist, al-Qaeda government. They have freedom. They have a strong leader. Before Bush, Saddam was strong.

Liberals continue to astonish me. Kerry wants to institute universal health care. Can't liberals see that that is one of the first things Stalin did when he declared the USSR. Liberals are so far left they are going to turn America into a communist despotism right under our noses. Sometimes I think the only way to save America's freedom which terrorists hate is to start putting patrols on the street for people like that. These people are dangerous in wartime, and this is a wartime - this is a war for America's very survival, and if liberals and al-Qaeda try to stage a coup in this country, I will fight them in the streets.

The deficit, then, is a problem. You know who I blame for our current economic situation? The liberals. They deserve to be hated. They are working against us within us. We need to identify them so we can guard against their French conspiracy. They are the plague that the Armenians were to the Turks. When America faces such a threat from the Iraqi communists, we cannot bear to allow evils from within to devour us.

This is truth. You know this is absolute truth - truth to be fighted for. But leftist Slashdot will mod you down whenever you try to spread this. Why? Slashdot is being overrun by terrorist liberals. They use their computers in Syria to spread crap all over an American site. Can't anyone else see this? American culture is supreme, but it is being overrun. Slashdot is just an example of a greater trend.

I am frustrated. I feel America is frustrated. If John Kerry wins the election, America will be hit again by terrorists. Again and again, I predict. Americans will not be safe. America's children will die by the millions. Liberal negativity will ensure that. President George W. Bush will present America as a strong nation that does not compromise with evil. Compromise is just a trick for evil to gain a foothold in our process. There is no room for it. America must stand up to all evil in the world, demonstrate to other nations in the world how to rid itself of the infestation of evil. We may need to do it through military action. Much of the world would benefit from America's freedom and democracy. We may do it any way we like.

America has no friends (other than Australia and Britain) in the world, but we don't need any. We can show the world how it can be. (Sometimes I feel the world would be a much better place if we just took over official management of it and ruled every damn country.) As long as freedom is protected against evil and the United States of America is protected against all who hate it, we will continue to be a beacon of freedom, democracy, liberty, fraternity and justice in the face of French and terrorist immorality.

If you have any more doubts, remember this: liberals want change. As America is currently the most powerful nation in the world, it is clear that their goal is to undermine this great nation, this haven of freedom and peace in the face of worldwide despotism and the fascist U.N.


Two -1 comments (unfairly moderated) and I'm now BANNED:

Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner . If it's someone else, this is a chance to hunt them down. If you think this is unfair, please email with your MD5'd IPID and SubnetID, which are "-------------------------------" and "-------------------------------" and (optionally, but preferably) your IP number "------------" and your username "a.different.perspect"

Two badly modded posts is "excessive bad posting" now is it? If this is not bias, I don't know what the fuck is. And I got a reply that made me angrier:

You sir, are a troll.
Don't try and make conservatives look stupid.

How the fuck DARE you? Conservatives are not stupid. How can you dismiss an entire, diverse GROUP OF PEOPLE as STUPID!? I believe in the principals that make America great. What do you believe in, Anonymous Coward? Criticism? Respond to the substance of my arguments if you are a liberal, or if you are a conservative, explain yourself.

Slashdot really angers me sometimes. It lacks justice, like many things. But above all it lacks equality.

a.different.perspect emigrated four year ago from another country to the United States of America. He believes in Freedom and that its enemies should be locked up or down.

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