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Comment Re:anyone surprised? (Score 3, Interesting) 478

Bush went to war against Iraq, Obama got us out. Can you see the wee-bit of difference there? I can and I'm voting for Obama.

There was a set timeline on exiting Iraq, and yes he did keep to that timeline..... Somewhat. There are still many thousands of troops, and workers living inside of the Iraq embassy, whish is larger than the Vatican. If you're voting for Obama because of that, you better take a good look at Ron Paul. Since these wars are undeclared, and illegal, as president Ron Paul will IMMEDIATELY one day one, bring every foreign troop back home.

Comment Re:This is not good. (Score 3, Insightful) 478

Which is why you should be a huge fan of Ron Paul. Most people here are too smart (or dumb) for their own good. They'll bitch and complain for hours how the government is too big, gets into our lives, spies on us etc.. Then they'll turn around and complain that people need health insurance, schooling, and everything else under the moon and it's up to the government to do that. Yes, in a perfect world everyone would be taken care of and live happy, but that just isn't the case and never will be.

Comment Re:Who needs all that stuff? (Score 1) 320

Or add on to a friend or family members unlimited sprint account, that will cover your phone and net access at a modest price, then yes torrent, share netflix+hulu accounts, hell throw in 40 bucks once for an antenna,over the air DTV is very good. You could have unlimited consumption of stuff you'd actually like to watch for next to nothing.

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