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Journal Journal: Watch your Mod

I am tired of being modded down. Whenever I write an opinion, I always try to use facts. All people ever do is mod me down. My karma has dropped from exccelent to positive, ever since I started using logic and numbers to tell people why they are wrong. If people realize that they are wrong, and that there are facts, the first thing that happens is denial.

I had a friend who into "protecting our freedoms". He was a hardcore Bush supporter. He mentioned that he saw on slashdot a sig quoting Bush "There should be limits on freedom." I don't quite remember the exact quote. The first thing he said was that it was made up by the liberal media. So I ended up showing him the official white house site, with the quote. He looked at the screen in shock for a couple of seconds. Then he stormed away furious and sad all at the same time. He did not talk to me for a week. Then slowy he realized he was a democrat at heart. We are still good friends.

My point is that all things factually correct, should be modded up, unless they have been repeated to death. Ask slashdot what the effect of SCO's lawsuit proving that some contributor did steal unix code? I got modded down as -1 flaimbait. If people ask tough questions, answer them with something other than, "There isnt any copied code" That is off topic. I post many things, and my karma is dropping fast. Just because I disagree, use logic, doesn't mean it is flaimbait.

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