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Journal Journal: Beach Bunnies...two of us!!! 1

Well, my daughter and I have finally completed our move to the beach. We now live, quite literally, within walking distance of the water. We love it! The weather is divine, the neighborhood, great. It's wonderful. Plus, it's closer to my boy toy, so I don't have to go as long without sex!

Only bad thing is that the commute is now longer, but I figure, look what I get to come home to! Woohoo!

I'm a happy little clam!
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Journal Journal: Cloned dog...WOW!!! 2


...so now the scientist is under investigation of fraud. Well, my dog's claim to fame is shot...



Well, actually, the process by which he was formed was named invention of the year. I'm am continually amazed...


Though I've known about this cloned dog thing for quite some time, and was rather enchanted when I found out it was an Afghan Hound, chosen because of the genetic purity of the breed...yea, I said PURITY...I found out today that my dog, Lessa, is actually related to the pup! The puppy's grandfather is my dog's father! Amazing!

Here is the basic pedigree:

Snuppy - Cloned from a male Afghan Hound - Sire is Ch Adorah's DaDa DuChamp - Sire is Ch Tarina Main Event Moonrocket

Lessa - Sire is Ch Tarina Main Event Moonrocket

Just goes to show you that the world truly IS very small.
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Journal Journal: Week One down... 6

Well, I made it thru my first week at my new job, and it's been great. I'm already pretty much up to speed on the forecasting/planning side of things, now I need to get up to speed with the buying side.

So while my new job is great, the rest of my life still sucks. Fortunately, one part of the problem has been my horrid lack of money, which will be rectified soon with a much larger paycheck. But not for another two weeks. So I'm still struggling til then.

But that brings me back to my OTHER problem. My personal life sucks. I have virtually no social life though I go out and try to meet people. I had a date with a guy a couple of weeks ago, which I thought went quite well, but I've heard from him only once since. Plus there's this other guy (on this site, no less), that I haven't been able to get completely over, so that screws me up even worse. I'm taking extra vitamins (omega-3's to be precise) to help out, cuz I just can't take the depression anymore.

Well, that's all I have for now. *sigh* We really need emoticons here...
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Journal Journal: On my last week... 9

Well, I'm down to the home stretch, this is my last week at this job. Good. I need something new. I'm so ever-loving BORED with my life right now, I just want to scream. Even all my knitting is boring. The dogs are boring. Men are boring. Ugh.

But, things should change up a wee bit next week, hell, if anything, the drive will be completely different. Longer, but that's okay. I might have to invest in some books on CD, or even a foreign language (I took French in school, so if might be worthy to try it again).

Update again in a week. I'll let y'all know how I'm doing and if it was a good move!
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Journal Journal: Well, I finally did it.... 1

Got out of this stinking hell hole I've called work for 3 and a half years. Yes, I got a new job! Yippee! It's not in the area of computers like I thought it would be, but in the Crafts industry as a buyer/planner, which is more of what I wanted to do so many years ago when I turned to computers as something ELSE I could learn to do.

Cool thing is, there's travel involved, to trade shows (Chicago, Atlanta, New York...here I come) and even overseas (China and Taiwan), so I am very excited about it. I needed something new.

So now all I need is a boyfriend...or at least a semi-regular sex partner!!! w00t!!!
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Journal Journal: I just don't get it...

My job sucks. It just sucks. I try to work with these people and I step into crap every where I go. Today, I was trying to run a very simple query, linking to a table in another database, only to find out that said table has a two fields in it that have been designated as NUMBERS when they are obviously LABELS therefore TEXT fields. I argue with these dimwits on what a NUMBER field is, but to no avail. I ask them simply, would you add store # 102 to store # 9 to get store # 111? No, you wouldn't. Therefore it's a text field, you lame brains. So instead of being able to link to the table I have to import the thing (all 800,000 records), change the field, then run my query.

I gotta get a new job...*sigh*
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Journal Journal: Happy and doing well...

Yesterday marked a major anniversary for me. It was my forth month of sobriety, and my license is officially no longer restricted. I can drive where ever I want now...hmm...where's a good place to drive to?

In addition, this time last year, I was on my first of two broken arms, due to alcohol related falls. This year, no alcohol, so no breaks, at least so far. I'm keeping my lucky charm around just in case.

So all in all, yesterday was a fine day. A very fine day in deed. Ended pretty darn nice, too...*wink*
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Journal Journal: And we head merrily into the Christmas Holidays...

Wow. Today is...hold on, let me get a calendar...90 plus 11 equals 101 days sober. Now that's an accomplishment. It's been hard at times, but with a second job, I've been keeping busy. It's in retail, so I get to close on Friday and Saturday nights. But what the hell, I didn't have a social life anyway, so I can take those days. Let the 20-somethings have the night off to go party.

As for my REAL job (the one that pays more), we're STILL waiting for the final go ahead to upgrade from Access97 to 2003. I have finally given up. This company isn't in a hurry to get with it as far as IT goes, so why even try anymore. We've got glorified users running rampant on Access right now, breaking db's at every turn. I hate it when someone knows just enough about Access to be dangerous. Ah, the life of a database developer. At least I go home on time, and don't think about my job. So I guess there are some perks.

That's it for now.

*jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...*
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Journal Journal: Damn, I'm bored...

Okay, so now I'm past Day 60. Well, whoop-dee-flipping-doo. I mean it's all good, but I'm SSSOOO bored. Since all my local friends are drinking buddies, I don't see them much anymore. My stalkee isn't talking to me AGAIN...(does he REALLY think I'm heading to Chicago to track him down? WTF?) It's all in good fun, after all. You're not THAT much of a good thing, dude...

At least the holidays are upon us and I'm trying to get presents made for everyone, decorating the house, and such. Collecting all the AOL CD's that I can find so I can make them into a nice set of coasters and hot pads for family. How nice, computers and crocheting together at least.

Okay, well, I guess that's it. Had to run off at the mouth about something.

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Journal Journal: Keepin' it up...in more ways than one! 1

Well, I've managed to make it to day 25 today. Amazing, but better. Old friends are talking to me again. Course it helps that I'm not calling at 3am their time (1am mine) on a weekday after consuming half a bottle of JD! Anybody would get tired of that.

And it makes coding SSSOOO much easier. Although these complicated SELECT CASE statements I'm working on are going to drive me crazy. It would help if my company would upgrade from Access 97 to 2003...guess I'm expecting too much from the retail corporate world. *sigh*
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Journal Journal: As Keanu would say...Whoa... 1

It's amazing...Day 8 and I fell great! (yikes, that rhymes!) I really should have done this quite some time ago. Maybe some of the relationships I've had in the past (daughter, ex-husband, friends, etc. -- uh...you know who you are...) would have been better. But I do feel clear headed now, and maybe, just maybe, I'll really start working on brushing up my coding skills for once.

While cravings still exist, so far I've been able to handle it. Good deal. Managed to spend a day at the county fair with girlfriends who were drinking Margarita's, while I drank Icee's. Hey, it was a Blue Raspberry virgin Margarita.

Damn, I miss tequila, though. But I am becoming a conniseur of hand-crafted sodas! Go Thomas Kemper's Black Cherry soda! MMMMM!
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Journal Journal: Day two...of a thousand thousand days... 3

Okay, so for some reason, I finally figured out that getting plastered all weekend long is not a good thing. So, I'm taking the sobriety oath, dumped out all the JD in the house (sorry whiskey lovers), and am trying to start life anew. I'm tired of the pain and depression that goes along with alcoholism, not too mention the incredible cost my DUI has been. So...day two of sobriety.

And Kashani, sobriety doesn't suck...but Johnny Cash does still rock...
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Journal Journal: And now I'm a legal driver again...

I just got my license back this morning, so now I'm not breaking the law driving to work. I still have 4 more months to serve on the restriction, but after that, I'm home free! Yippee!!!

The things you miss when they're gone...especially SysAdmins you've built shrines to...
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Journal Journal: As if my life wasn't complicated enough already... 2

I heard on the radio this morning that the government is urging Saturn to recall it's VUE (their SUV). Okay, I just bought one in February. I have been wanting one of these for many, many years. I've even started slowly customizing it...AND THEY WANT TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME?

Oh, good grief...and now I'm puking blood. Nothing to do with the recall, mind you, just my newest medication.

It will never end.
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Journal Journal: Another weekend, another cross stitch picture started... 5

Yea, well, it's not like I can actually GO anywhere. Boy, I've been watching so much TV lately, it's darn near pathetic. I've become a Law and Order junkie, not too mention, I am now hooked on Stargate: Atlantis and The 4400. I tried to stay up long enough to watch Rescue Me last night, but a miraine started to kick in, so it was off to bed.

I did, however, come up with an idea for the Visual Basic Express 2005 (beta version) contest they're holding at Channel9.msdn.com, so that should be fun to get to work on. Progress to be posted here. Lucky you.

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