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Journal Journal: Grrrr...

I tried to install the L440GX board, and I found out my case does n't have enough of the little standoff thingies. I had to call Supermicro and beg for some, because they decided to use a custom design for their standoff. It a box-shaped piece with side tabs that snap into the chassis. You press them through. Everybody esle uses the plastic slide jobs or the threaded brass hex-shaped pieces. On another note, I read part of the manual, and it only uses 1 GB of unregistered DRAM. If I want 2 GB, I have to use registered DRAM. I will try what I have anyway.
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Journal Journal: My computer

I have an Supermicro P6DGU motherboard with a burned trace. It's on the Ultra-Wide connector. I still have SCSI stuff connected, but it's acting flaky. Termination? Also having trouble booting custom Linux kernels.

I found a replacement board on eBay, but I also found an Intel L440GXG motherboard (need it for the 1 GHz PIII's). I got the Intel board, and I am bidding on the Supermicro board. I also got a back plate for my Intel board, and I am getting a 20-to-24 pin power supply adapter.

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