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Comment Re:Spin (Score 1) 156

He clearly was profiting from crime. Anyone with morals would be disgusted and anyone using the service thinking they're trying to keep it open should be disgusted too and he should be in jail.

I don't know about in your backward sounding country; but in the UK if a jury decides that a person is 'not guilty' then it has been decided they have not committed a crime. This may be an unusual system to you, but it is what is called the Justice System in the UK - other countries may not like it but it kind of suits us.

As he has now been cleared of a crime - anyone in the UK (and possibly elsewhere) implying he is a criminal is open to be sued - he will also be able to keep any profits made.

As the first case against bittorent use in the UK, this stands as a common sense outcome decided by the jury.

Comment Re:Performance != Observance (Score 1) 145

Your're right about Sarkozy's insane 3 strikes rule - In the UK the Government have been threatening to do the same.

However, these same UK politicians also use YouTube pages to spread their propaganda and can often be heard to tell us mere mortals that information can be found on YouTube if we are willing to search.

Now if I follow one of our politicians directions and seek out an item and I hit a page which contains copyright content (even if by mistake whilst searching) does that mean the politician will be liable for incitement to breach copyright law?

Comment Re:12 Months? (Score 1) 292

Good point about the small claims court.

Of the few problems I've had with equipment failures (Microwave Oven, Camera, Camcorder, Dell LCD Monitor!) - or should I say the problem getting customer satisfaction I have also used the threat of using the small claims court to great effect:

- Email the seller politely, explaining the problem but don't demand anything - just ask for advice.
- Expect the usual - It's your problem reply.
- Send a follow up email quoting the Sale Of Goods Act, and requesting that if a satisfactory reply is not received in 48 hours, and the problem solved within 7 days then an application will be made in the small claims court.
- Expect an immediate apology (usually with some excuse that the CS rep misunderstood the problem).

Has has worked for me every time - It appears most CS departments assume that all consumers are stupid.

An interesting article from the BBC this week explains Consumer laws in a concise way:

Comment Re:thousand million? (Score 1) 186

In the US and most of the UK we call it a "billion"

I note the way you say that in 'most' of the UK. This was highlighted on TV a few nights ago when even the government couldn't immediately confirm whether a billion was a 'million million' or a 'thousand million' - After some consultation the government spokesman said it was a 'thousand million' for financial compatibility with the world markets.

I guess this has come about because those of us over 40 (at least those I know) in the UK were taught at school that a billion was a 'million million', which often leads to confusion when a billion is mentioned - especially when I'm trying to check my bank account :~)

I would hope that schools are now teaching the 'thousand million' version to rid us of this confusion.

Comment Re:Who watches the watchers? (Score 1) 203

"Pretty Baby" is available from Amazon in the UK: and also by the look of it as an import from the US. Another film that is available from Amazon in the UK and therfore must be legal to watch is "The Blue Lagoon" from 1980 which also contains footage of nude children. So I guess it is was and still is legal to look at nude children in the UK and the US from 1978-1980 (when the films were released) or maybe it's only legal if the films have Brooke Sheilds in them - then again, maybe Peadophiles didn't exist back then - huh!

Comment A Political Statement maybe? (Score 1) 110

Being a bit of a cynic, to me this looks like a bit of a political statement aimed at Russia. After the recent cooling of relations following the issues between Russia and Georgia, it was very quickly stated that the Shuttle may be used beyond its previously stated shelflife. Now putting out 2 Shuttles on the launchpads seems to be indicating that NASA is capable of operating without the aid of the Russians. A foolish ploy if this happens to be the case, as currently NASA just can't compete with either the Russian or European space agencies capabilities.

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