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Submission + - Apple: Your Credit is Good but Cash is Not (sfgate.com) 3

An anonymous reader writes: Apple wants your money — just not the paper kind as one Bay Area woman discovered recently while trying to buy an iPad.

Diane Campbell, who is disabled on a fixed income, saved up enough cash for an iPad, according to ABC7 consumer reporter Michael Finney. She was about to plunk down $600 greenbacks at the Palo Alto Apple store for the new tablet computer when she was reportedly told the store would not accept cash. Stunned, she walked away iPad-less and with a backpack full of cash.

Comment Fuck you /. elitists (Score -1, Flamebait) 187

I'm a bottom-dweller and I fuckin' like it that way. I don't want to be forced to read all of your high-minded, high-rated, hyperbolic waxing on bullshit you know nothing about and think you're making some sort of impact on the universe with because you had a stupid 2-paragraph, uninformed, heavily biased essay replete with missing words and other typographical errors get modded up by yet another set of heavily-biased clueless assholes.

I want to be down here with my brethren and view only our postings, as He intended things to be. Of course, that doesn't play well in the minds of the arrogant site owners who think that people only want to read what they want to read, so I'm left sifting through all the fuckin' bullshit that you elites puke out in ridiculous volumes.

Give me the option to have -1 given emphasis and leave me to post as much as I fuckin' like down here, you google-dick-sucking fucktards.

Comment Let's get butt-raped (Score -1, Flamebait) 74

These things are such a joke. I haven't seen any real increase in the actual d/l speed of wireless networks. I feel like we're in some Communist country where you read in the paper about the community 1000 miles away that got some incredible new thing and it's coming soon to your community, except it never actually does and taxes get higher and the work week gets longer and the commute gets drearier and the currency gets weaker and the prices get higher and...

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