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Journal Journal: On stupid adverts 1

I don't have a problem with ads on this site. Most of the time, they're at the top of the page. Some are in iframes (which is a bit annoying), but 1) still animated GIFs; 2) easily dealt with via reloading the page. There's a new class of annoying ads, however.

Flash ads.

I thought I'd never see this sort of ad here. I also didn't think I'd see MICROS~1 ads (in iframes, no less). At least the one flash ad I've gotten so far only slows things down, and has no sound or anything like that. Still, very disappointing to see this happening.


Journal Journal: Goodbye, Mario. . .

and may your death cost Nintendo a boatload.

Since Nintendo of America (and surrounding counties) wants to use the DMCA to squelch things like this cart reader, I can officially tell them to stuff it. They're off my Christmas card list.

The flash linker can be used for "illegal" purposes, and in violation of the DMCA (which itself is a violation of a lot of things and should not only be scrapped, but its sponsors tarred and feathered), but it also has a lot of non-infringing uses.

Nevertheless, and disregarding philosophy, I'll never buy any of their shit again. GAME OVER, Nintendo. Mario has met his final barrel.


Journal Journal: Security, Trust, being proactive

There was a recent article about the myth of open-source security. While all well and good, I have some thoughts of my own.

One factor that wasn't accounted for was the "trust" factor. It's no secret that I do not trust MICROS~1 with security, or TO be secure, or even to adequately repair a given security hole. On the other hand, I can generally trust the software whose source is available to have holes discovered, repaired, and reported in a reasonable timeframe.

Yes, it's a perception. Since perceptions aren't empirical, I can understand why it had no place in what was geared up as a scientific experiment. But this perception forms my "reality" with regards to the overall security of a product.

First-hand evaluation of said product will either confirm or refute my perception. No biggie.

On a related note, no matter which product one uses, they must be vigilant in ensuring that the product is secure. They must actively look for reports of holes, apply fixes, and verify that the threat no longer exists, and do this all in a reasonable timeframe.

The numbers don't mean a damned thing to me. The ability to track, fix, and verify the security of a product, however, does matter.


Journal Journal: This fucked-up place

Well. . . I've decided to spend a lazy afternoon finding out what others think about this moderator stuff. In reading the various articles and threads, I've become increasingly disappointed with /.'s leaders/brass/whoever-the-hell-runs-this-thing. Let's have a look:

This one questioning anonymous privacy. Fun Meter:5/10
jamie speaks as an editor. Not very comforting to a little peon like me. Fun Meter is now about 3/10
This comment doesn't give me a warm fuzzy
This thread seems to reinforce my perception that the moderate flag should be un-ticked.
This post brings up a lot of stuff I never knew about
Start at the top of the meta-discussion, if you want.

The brass carry on saying that if the current system were modified, it'd be more burdensome for me the reader. I find it burdensome to force myself to -1 and wade thru all the trash to see good posts. I used to pay no mind to this phenomenon, but now I'm keen to it.

I think I should turn comments off again. :o(

On a secondary note: I just realised that even journal entries are treated like articles, and become un-addable-to after a certain period. Kinda defeats the longevity of a journal entry, doesn't it?


Journal Journal: Moderation redux

This thread, which really should be here instead of on k5, highlights a fundamental problem with the whole moderation thing. jamie says to "write a journal entry abuot anything you want" if we want to create topics. His dissenters in that thread state that it's pretty much a red herring because of a lack of audience.

I have to agree with the lusers here.

One's journal entry has an audience of what? 4 people? How big is your friends list?

I'd like to wake up one day, come to the front page, and see something like "Users Think Moderation System Is Pants". It's been talked about in every other article, perhaps to death, but there has never been an article specifically about this thing. As for other articles relating to slashcode and such, I find that they really don't directly deal with moderation. Is this topic like the Forbidden Planet, or something?

So, the moderation system needs no improvement? I'll leave that question to the philosophers, but not discussing it isn't going to make the problems go away.

Journal Journal: Control the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal!

A short note... I hate when folks link to another /. article and leave in the "mode=" part! I chose "Nested" for a reason. Namely because I bloody-well HATE "Thread" mode.

Please pay attention, and /. will be a better place.

Journal Journal: Burn the books. Squelch the voices. Rule with an iron fist. 1

This thread was apparently nuked. Valid opinions (if off-topic) and all. the entire thread thrown in the rubbish bin. 5 pages worth.

It would've been enough to downvote the true crap, but it would've taken too much time.

Hurray for instant success. Fooey.

(Yes, I know it's not "censorship" when you can adjust the threshold... it IS aggrivating that you also must take the true trash (which should go into the brown rubbish bin instead of the red one) in addition to finding good but mis-moderated stuff)


In retrospect: Reading this a week or so later, the editors were technically right in marking the lot of the posts as off-topic. Suggestions that a new article be created (why? because there were like 500 posts in this thread alone, iirc) were pretty good... just relocate the thread to there, and it'll suddenly be on-topic!

And folks won't feel like they're being silenced for dissenting. Then again, I'm writing this thinking the editors can wave a magic wand and make it so. :o)

(note of aggrivation: I really wish /. would do like deadjournal does with hard CRs -- make them automagically become <P>)

Update: Bad Slashdot! Nullifying my posts just because you don't want a particular post to be seen. No treat for you.


Journal Journal: Friend/Foe

So my friend/foe list isn't private. . . BFD

If folks have nothing better to do than attack me for my choices, more power to them. I personally have been waiting for this "killfile" stuff for a few years, now. My bitchings have finally been answered.

Sun Microsystems

Journal Journal: Web Start install

A short note about the current aggrivation: Whoever at Sun decided that this slow-as-hell installer should become of age needs to spend time installing their creation from scratch themselves. When they have no hair left (because they PULLED it all out), they'll understand why I think Web Start is overengineered goo.

That they made the install emulate Win* in the "reboot several times" arena isn't so good, either.


Journal Journal: QuickTime for Linux

OK... new peeve of the week: Apple's QuickTime .mov file format has been readable in Linux for at least 4 years, probably more. The next person who claims there's no QuickTime for Linux is getting a boot to the head.

I'm certain what you angsty nuts out there really mean is, "No codec for Linux that works with .mov files that use Sorenson."

Just say that! sheesh


Journal Journal: I love Unix

This is why I'll buy a PS2. It's the final nail in the coffin for which console to get. Looking at the other choices, however, the decision was a foregone conclusion. Quick review:
  • xbox: Why bother? If I wanted to play on a PC, I already have one. Yes, I know it's not a "PC" in the traditional sense, and all that. I just don't like the idea od an inhell-powered console. EOF(xbox)
  • gamecube: Promising on the surface (and onscreen), but with the uninviting Gamebit screws securing it, and the proprietary platter, I couldn't justify giving Nintendo another chance. EOF(GameCube) for now
  • Dreamcast: YES! Now at $50, I can get another one (if I can FIND one) just to HACK on!
  • PSX: Have one, bought it for Galaga, not very useful hacking-wise. I haven't tried very hard, either
  • PS2: This is simply the most appealing and compelling system out, afaic, even tho it's $300. It has amazing capabilities, and now that its potential is being realised, and killer games are out for it, I'll be gracing my desk with consoles with one very soon

I have a DC, a PSX, and a Genesis... and they all still get used regularly... :o)

Update: I finally followed thru and blew money on the PS2 and a copy of GTA3. I'm a lousy driver, let's put it that way.

America Online

Journal Journal: YOU IDIOT. It's "ITS"

Read this. Now. Before I go thermo. I'll wait.

Argh! Proper punctuation should not be the exception around here. It just makes you look... well, like the (stereo)typical AOLer! I'm not much of a grammar nut, but this one gets me more than any other (including gross misspelling).

"You must get into it's interior to. . ."

What?! I must get into IT IS... interior? AUGH!

(Score:-1, Mispeling)

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