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Comment YOU ARE A COMMIE, YOU FAGPENIS!! (Score -1, Troll) 872

Hey otahkgeek, it has come to my attention by checking out your posting history that you, are in fact, a communist, you fucking scumbag! I am fully aware that Slashdot is the home of a population that is certainly liberal in their socio-economic views. With that being said, you take the motherfucking cake and shit it out in a pattern that spells out "I AM A FUCKING COMMIE PIG!!!" You certainly are a commie! You are my natural enemy and, as such, I must request that you be modded down as quickly as possible. Certainly there are reasonable moderators among us who can see that communists running wild in my forums is a very bad thing. Moderators? Please, do your duty and make this asshat silent! And to those of you who are not moderators, take heart - you can help the true American cause. All you have to do is get out there and vote against Howard Dean - he will destroy Democracy and Capitalism if we allow him to. You may also wish to boycott any Open Source Software - any software product that gives away the source code gives it away to anyone who wants it. This includes terrorists. Do not be surprised if you see the Saudi government releasing a version of Linux and using the profits (money that would have otherwise gone to Microsoft - an AMERICAN company) to fund terrorists who want to fly badly in my country! I will continue my fight for your rights not to be bothered by liberals! God Bless America!!!

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