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Journal Journal: Chink analyst sez: Xbox 360 will fail


A Chinese analyst predicts that the Xbox 360 will perform poorly when the console is shipped to China. The analyst, Jun Tang, cites the following two reasons:

        * The Xbox360 has little diversity in games. "While FPSs and popular sports titles sell like hotcakes in North America, they won't fare so well in China."
        * The Xbox360 is extremely expensive for Chinese consumers. "As a result, Tang says, the market for the Xbox360 won't be good in China for a timespan of about 2 to 3 years."

We're not sure who this Jun Tang is, who he works for, or what his motives are, but China is and will be such a new market for consoles that it would be difficult for the man to know any of this information. Regardless, how important do you think China is to Microsoft's 360 strategy?

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! The chinks hate billyboy!!!!

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Journal Journal: XFlopThreeShitty sales DECLINE in December!!!

The numbers for US console sales for November and December are out.
Holy crap! xflop three-shitty sales declined from two weeks in November
to a full month in December. The wild thing that happened is PS2 sales
nearly TRIPLED from November to December. The PSP ended up outselling
the DS in December as well. It worked out pretty much the way Sony
projected, the PS2 ending up with very strong sales and good sales for
the PSP. Right on track. Gamecube sales even doubled from November to
December and almost outsold xflop three-shitty two to one.

NPD Group:


PS2 - 1.51 million
GBA - 1.23 million
PSP - 1.12 million
DS - 1.07 million
GCN - 606,423
Xbox - 415,256
Xbox 360 - 281,441


GBA - 892,438
PS2 - 546,096
DS - 381,619
PSP - 359,772
Xbox 360 - 332,121
GCN - 278,284
Xbox - 191,320

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!1!1!! XFlopThreeShitty is such shit eating craptastic!!!

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Journal Journal: xflopthreeshitty collects dust without ebay

Let's face it...... with no real series to call their own and no exclusive franshise in a genre anyone cares about on the system, the 360s are really just a method for eBay sellers to make some money.

If you know anyone foolish enough to buy a 360 on eBay, share your story

My best friend spent almost $800 on his premium 360 (not a bundle)......

Get this, he bought it solely on the impression he got after playing call of duty 2.... To boot, he already has a pretty damn good comp that could run the PC version of the game for say $50, lol.... But the 'tard doesn't want to hook up his plasma to his computer, even though it's HIS game room, comp and plasma.... But he's really scared of computers, he's too macho for them...... lol

So which is better fanboys, spending $800 on Ebay for the 360 plus $60 for the game, or just getting the damn PC version for $50 and connecting the stupid monitor wire to the back of his plasma.....

Share your tard stories here......

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Journal Journal: fuk u 360 fanboy foolz!!!

There are alot of folks hating on the PS3 because they just don't realize its potential. They fail to see what it's HDTV capabilities and Cell is going to do for this system. They say dumb crap like "Who wants to pay for an HDTV anyway?" Look to the future k!dz. This system wil be around for atleast 5 years and I garantee most folks will have upgraded their PC OS to Vista (all of WMCE functionality and more!), alot of folks will have broken down and purchased an HDTV, and MP3 players and commodore 64s, all will be as commonplace as portable CD players. I piss on that pathitic 360 dishboard and M$ and evry1 connected to it! to your PC or MP3 player.

The PS3 is the future! There is nothing like listening to any choice of all of the music you have stored on your playstation or apple ipod during any game or during any online multiplayer game. How about the free Tivo-like capabilites that PS3 allowz? You'll be able to plug your cable right into your PS3 and see HD from Blue Ray. Not too hard when alot of folks use cable internet for ther online service and all they would need is a $5 splitter. Alot of PC's being manufactured today with WMCE are coming with the TV tuner card as standard and I'm sure that trend willl continue when Vista comes out. But do you want a shitty PEECEE? Yeah, I know. You're thinking "I want buy a new PC too!" F00lZ!! You will upgrade your OS and pick up a card or just get a new PC evry year!!! You'll be waisting $$$$ on a new PC when PS3 does it all!!!!

Downloading demos for free is badass. It sure makes it easy to decide if you want to try a game before you buy it. SoinyArcade is cool as hell and the achievements gives every game in your collection longer legs.

I remember when I got the XBox when it first came out and there was no games to play for it, save Halo. Suks cause thats how it is for all you XFlopThreeShitty fan boyz now!!! HAHAHAHA!! PS3 will play all PS2 gamez so no loss! It's amazing!

Yes it will $$$$ alot. But this system will be around for awhile and I guarantee you'll make alot of purchases for things for your home in those 5 years, unless you're 12 years old or younger. And if you're 12 years old or younger, well no offense, but that ain't exactly the demographic Sony is shooting for.

Keep on hating M$/Nintendo fanboy fools! It's your loss. SUCKA$$$$$$$$$$$$

XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: PS3 kick all M$ and PeeCee A$$!!!! 1

PS3 have's far better graphics then xbox360 or any pc's. PS3 specs right now will stay the same when they tell us the final ones but some will be higher.

RSX alone beats any gpu or video card already out right now and it works with Cell and Cell can do graphics and ray tracing and casting and so much more Cell can do for AI and alot of tons of stuff it can do for gameing.

Until pcs get a video card that is a mulit core and have's ray tracing and casting or a cpu if ever! works with a video card and the cpu have's ray tracing and casting and everything else like Cell but not a darn thing will be good as Cell until Cell gos to pcs and someone such as Nvidia make a video card work with it but I picture for pcs that will never happen a video card working with a cpu.

PS3 is no.1 then PC.no2 then XflopThreeShitty. then Nintentdo Rev.. Also already the fact that RSX and Cell beat the liveing crap out of anything and Cell have's ray tracing and casting games can use it now and not a darn thing have's that on a pc.

RSX the big surpise is the fact it a multi core gpu and have's ray tracing and casting and this would make the gflops go tru the roof and so much more higher specs for it.

The RSX is by no means a modded geforce 7800 gtx just to work with Cell. It is must more and if it was just a modded gefore 7800 gtx and it was already working with Cell since e3 we would have's the final specs of RSX and the PS3 right now!

But Sony and Ken really dont want to show this until the very last sec they got bc it the PS3 biggest surpise.

The reason why they shown alittle of RSX specs is do to the fact that they have's to or they would have's looked dumb nto showing anything to fight back to Xbox360 gpu.

The RSX we will had had the final specs a long time ago if it was just a modded geforce 7800 gtx that works with Cell and Sony may had add this a few things of there own and Nvidia added more to it then jsut what the geforce 7800 gtx gots.

Even a 4 geofrce 7800 gtxs dont make 1.8 tflops and ppl like how the f! is that! The RSX have's 4 to 6 smes and it a multi gpu with ray tracing and casting like I stated already.

This was Sony plan all along if you look back when they 1# started this and also Ken and Sony and Nvidia giveing so much hints to this is what it is.

Like I also stated already the final specs would be out right now if it was not for the RSX big surpise and Ken and Sony dont want anyone to know until the last sec bc it the big surpise.

I am stateing this by the way and not by thos pics you all had seen. The final dev. kits been out and where not gonna see the final specs of PS3 or RSX until they show them at the same time the last sec..

Also they had to show that RSX works with Cell and Sony helped Nvidia out and the gpu was made in Sony place.

They had to show Cell specs and everthing to hope ppl would know more about the console. The final psecs of PS3 will be all be the same but some stuff higher and we will get the same RSX specs if not higher and the rest of the RSX specs..

Pcs no matter what will not meet or pass PS3 for a long long long time. Even if or when ever they do it dont matter do to the fact monitors are not good as hdtvs or I sould say high end hdtvs but I say any hdtvs.

I am stateing this if you believe me or not you will see you and you can go cry or whatever bc I am a real person that only said's real facts and say how it is and what is true.

No I am no fanboy or a liar at all and I only pick and go with what is better and bigger and have's more and better graphics and what is the best.

It PS3 and will be for a long time from now. I love how Ken looks into the future and graps his ideas and new stuff never made be4 and bring them to here and now for the better.

And once again I hate fanboys and liars and I am no fanboy and I say how it is and I say what is true!!!!!!

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