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Journal Journal: Spiceworks

Why has Slashdot never had a comment about Spiceworks (Do a search, this posting is the only result). Is is because their community is a competition to slashdot? (some people will only dedicate themselves to 1 community). This amazing community has sprouted from nothing to 1.4 million users in 5 years.

What do you get when you take network monitoring, a helpdesk, PC inventory tools, IT Reporting and more⦠and combine it with an online community of IT pros exchanging practical how-tos and vendor reviews?
Spiceworks! The free âoeeverything ITâ network management software and IT community that 1.4 million IT pros worldwide use to simplify â" and become better at â" their jobs.

Check it out here

Spiceworks beta went live in July 2006. 60 days later, an IT pro in every single country of the world had installed Spiceworks. Fast forward to today, and over 2000 new IT pros choose Spiceworks each day to do their jobs. Plus, it's been referred to as everything from "the Facebook for IT pros" by TechCrunch to "the future of media" by Forbes. All in less than 5 years!

Spiceworks has changed the way I manage my network. What can it do for you?

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Journal Journal: Facebook Virus?

Yesterday I got three messages from obscure friends with the message "HELP" and a link to go to a website....
"Look at" The link points to
Luckily I have some sense about me and didn't click, it appears that some user accounts have been hacked and are sending out this message. I wonder if it is a virus doing the work, or if there were accounts comprimised. UPDATE: It looks like the news is out that this is an actual virus...

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