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Comment Re:This is like (Score 1) 468

me in BC buying a car from a guy who bought/brought it in from Alberta and sold it through his car dealership in BC. Then Ford comes in and torches my car because I didn't get it through a dealer in BC and because the prices are lower in Alberta so it was unfair to the dealer in BC since it wasn't sold through an authorized dealer, leaving the burnt-out wreck in my driveway.


Comment Re:Yeah, right... (Score 1) 249

(x) Scammy developers will pay people in 4th-world countries to say their app is great.

Not disagreeing entirely with what you're saying in the rest of your post, but this particular issue could be mitigated by having ratings only factor in scoring from the same region/country as the prospective customer.

Comment Re:"machines will view us as an unpredictable" (Score 1) 564

no one will miss the subset of the species that "is unstable, creates wars, has weapons to wipe out the world twice over, and makes computer viruses" when our new overlords wipe them out. (You know who you are!)

Setting aside instability, most people may not be inclined to initiate wars, wipe the world out or create viruses, but if a sentient AI took over, many would resort to these measures to reassert their dominance/freedom.

Comment Re:DLC? (Score 1) 178

So you have a team of devs sitting idle for two months. Well, you could put them on fixing some of the more egregious bugs found (leading to day 1 patches) because they have an extra 2 months to fix it, and the other devs (and artists, etc) can work on making extras (day 1 DLC). Because the moment the game is released, gamers might find a bug and you need to get people fixing it.

Developers can't sit around idle, and if a game's done, either you reallocate them to a new project, or lay them off. Either option doesn't work if you need to fix bugs. That's why you have day 1 patches (extra 2 months to fix bugs), day 1 DLC (2 months to generate content), and day 1 gamebreaking bugs.

Sounds like the answer is staring the gaming industry in the face: when preparing the game's business case, incorporate the outputs of those two months into a free patch/expansion patch, and set the price accordingly (or define the initial feature set accordingly, if price needs to be X). Of course, it's easier to be greedy and generate an additional revenue stream (paid DLC).

Submission + - first Snowden interview with American media

WiPEOUT writes: The first mainstream US media interview with Edward Snowden has been broadcast. Snowden clarifies his position and aspects of his background that haven't been clear in reports to date.

Submission + - German scientists successfully test brain-controlled aircraft

stephendavion writes: Scientists from the Institute for Flight System Dynamics at Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany have demonstrated the feasibility of flying a brain-controlled aircraft. Led by professor Florian Holzapfel, the team is researching ways that brain-controlled flight works in the EU-funded project 'Brainflight'. TUM project head Tim Fricke said a long-term vision of the project is to make flying accessible to more people.

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