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Journal Journal: Fire

I went on a road trip my sophore year at LSU. A couple of friends from high school and I took off for Austin to pick up another friend to then continue on to outside Fredricksburg, TX. There's a pair of rock outcropping there called Enchanted Rock.

In at least one of the rocks is a series of caves, but that's for another day. What I want to get in writing here is that on the floor of my friend's '71-ish VW van there was a paper box of matches. Mysteriously it caught on fire, burned itself, and then went out on the carpeting in the in plain site, if we had been looking at it. All of this without notice until we discovered the matchbox's bunrned-out carcass after the fact.

I suppose the carpet was just so old that even fire didn't want it.


Journal Journal: Monopolies and pendulums...

Several years back while running an errand at a Walmart in Baton Rouge, LA I recognized just what a huge chain that Walmart was. Sam had just past away and the store was no longer just an extension of him but some corporate entity that will bend with what plans of domination they set up for themselves. This may sound negative but it is the human way: to go forth and 'seek out' to be in charge. Who, after all doesn't feel somewhat uncomfortable with not having some control, at least, over their own lives? It's quite natural for people to what to conquer what is set before them, that is, if they can see it. Hmmm...

Vision must have a great part to do with this, particularly in the corporate world, taking into consideration all of their techniques (tried and true or not) of success.

About Walmart: it was at that time that I felt a sense of dread (it was only a feeling) about just how much they had under their thumbs, as far as market share is concerned. I'm not against a company setting out and doing their jobs well particualarly when they have an inovative business model that turns costomers to them. In fact as far as Walmart is concerned the only complaint that comes to my mind is the "self life" of some of the products they carry.

Here's the pattern:

  • 1) Walmart puts 'new to Walmart' product on their shelves,
  • 2) costomer (that's me) finds it and tries it,
  • 3) costomer (still me) uses it, needs more, buys it again,
  • 4) costomer (still me) sees that product is selling well,
  • 5) repeat step 3 and 4 'x' number of times,
  • 6) Walmart decides to stop carrying that prefectly good product. !!!!
  • What's up with that?

O.K. it's their business why or why not they do such things but I've never seen it so prevalent as in Walmart. Granted the size of said institution I have got to cut it some slack: what if the product manufacturer can not keep up with demand, or has bad management that doesn't do business as it ought to? There is just such a miriad of possibilities.

My solution to my situation has little to do with Walmart's size as it does with its quality. If I just want the basics at a nice price then I go to Walmart. If I want better quality with more style I go to Target. If I were wealthier I'd go else where. But until then: 'Nothin' doing'!

All this just to say: concerning the current monopolies (or pseudos thereof) my main discomfort comes in somewhat of a feeling that they want me to just submit to there sway and fork over my money in the process, almost as a secondary reaction. The other thing that gets me about them (them being Intel and Microsoft) is the quality. This attribute is most applicable to Mircosoft. And I can't help but wonder if the latter's success isn't more attributable to timing and luck than to planning and inginuity, as is more the case with Intel.

The bottom line for me is that I'm in for competition if the quality is there. Otherwise I would go with the monopoly my self. That was the case when I only knew about Windows and Mac. I just never cared for Macs and still have no desire to now that I have found my OS solice in Linux. I think I would, though, now that I have learned a bit more abount Apple. Apple's offerings in graphics have been top notch at least. So enough said about MS.

Until the eastern sky is split I'm in for some competition. I like an underdog, too, if the quality is perceived to be there. In AMD's case I believe the quality is there and not just perceived. I'm not about to give details just opion. Besides I am so sick of companies like Dell finishing all of their commercials with

'doon doon doon doon' (the Intel sign off).

Give me a break! I wish these computer retailers would have some guts and put AMD is some of the commercials the put out. What's going on? Are they under some sort of contractural obligation to the devil to advertize Intel or not have access to its product?

The world may never least until someone else rises up and takes their spot as the pendulum swings the other way.

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Journal Journal: And now for something...

This is just to get something on the board.
Nothing special nor specific.

20021128 09:23:00

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