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Journal Journal: Laws and Legislators 1

Some rules I believe would be useful:

    1. Lawyers should not make laws, it's a conflict of interest as lawyers don't make money arguing simple easily understood laws.

    2. Legislators should never (not be allowed to) vote on a law he/she hasn't fully read.

    3. All laws should have an expiration date, if it's still useful then it's worth going through the full process to reinstate it.

    Last but not least. The statement "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" was and is only useful for a set of laws it's reasonable to expect the average (AVERAGE CITIZEN not lawyer) citizen to know and understand. I don't believe our current existing legislation is even in the same universe with that concept.


Journal Journal: Moderation

I can't speak for anyone else but I've found moderation to be ...interesting...

One might think I would leap at the chance, and on a very few occasions I have found it to be both convenient and applicable. However (knew that was coming didn't you...) I have found that I'm usually not inclined to moderate other's for 2 reasons. 1. being I'm generally reading an article and thread set because I am interested which means I'm inclined to post muself. 2. being for the most part I've found other moderators to be pretty much on top of things.

MetaModeration is intriguing as a concept and as a process. I must say the owners have put a great deal of though into this process. I can see where they have obviously went through many iterations of tweaking the process and I suspect there will be many more but never the less I'm extreamly impressed with the feedback system they have in place. People aren't exactly the most stable of components in a system...


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Journal Journal: Karma Chameleon

I have bad karma, I shall have to assume it's to balance out my normal dispositon...

Actually, I did note one of my few posts was almost immediatly moderated (troll), which I found interesting. My purpose had been to make a statement and entertain any arguments. I honestly hadn't thought it to be inflamatory, but I guess it's a judgement call.

Moving on,


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