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Comment Re:So what's the superconducting material? (Score 1) 332

I'm curious about this too. I've heard copper oxides are too brittle to use in power lines, although I haven't worked with them personally. Copper oxides are the only materials I know of which superconduct at temperatures greater than the boiling point of liquid nitrogen. Progress has been made with Iron-based superconductors, but their superconducting temperature maxes out somewhere around 50K, which is below the boiling point of nitrogen (77K). So it must be a cuprate, but I'd be interested to know what they are doing to make the material industrially viable

Comment There's got to me more (Score 4, Insightful) 1057

Am I the only one who thinks there has to be more to the story? I know there are a lot of silly lawsuits out there, but c'mon...

Since the company escorted him out of the building they are not trying to leverage him to stay, so they must be trying to recover some damages. I'm not saying the company is right, I'm just saying that a large company with a legal department wouldn't waste their money on a lawsuit unless they had at least a CHANCE to get some money.

For example.......
Did he recently get a promotion that included relocation, which carried with it a minumum commitment? Something else? What's the rest of the story OP?

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