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User Journal

Journal Journal: I finally got mod points

I've not written into this journal almost a year. May be because I don't have much time for free software activity.

But today is first time I got some Slashdot moderation points. This event have to be noted in my /. journal.

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Journal Journal: catdoc 0.93

Today I've at last released catdoc with
OLE parsing support. Thanks to Alex Ott for contributing.

What a strange things happen with DOS compilers! feof in Turbo C is a macro.

I've never thought that it is possible to crash Linux machine by running DOS real-mode program in xdosemu.

But I've managed it. More over, BIOS clock on my machine gone mad and display entirely random time.

Fortunately with fiber optic I don't need anything from BIOS clock.

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Journal Journal: It I would be a dictator...

... I'd make following Intellectual Property Rules:

1. Commercial secrets are illegal. Any hiding
of know-how from customers is punished
by inprisonment.

2. List of things which can be made goverment
secrets is explicitely given by law, and no
thing not listed in this list can be secret.

3. Patents have different periods in different trades, but no patents can last
more than 5 years. Goverment each year publish periods for patents in different areas and the quickier area develops the
shorter is period. For IT and biotechnology
it should be no longer than 3 monthes currently.

4. All material author rights are terminated
upon death of author. Only moral rights such
as right for name and right to prevent unauthorized modifications of book last forever.

5. No author is allowed to sell exclusive rights to anybody. All contracts
which include prohibition to sell same work to other entity are void.

6. Author, who have sold his work to publisher under certain terms, is obliged
to sell same work to any other publisher who offer same or better terms. (and anybody can find out which terms was used, according to p.1)

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Journal Journal: What's a pity

Today I've found out that upcoming russian LinuxFest
would happen on the almost same place where students of MSU Geography department have field practice.

Unfortunately, choosen place is few meters off west edge of aerophotos and
detailed (1:5000) maps I have for this region.

I hoped to help orgatizators with detailed spatial information, but...

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Journal Journal: catdoc RPM

Some guy sent me src rpm for my latest revision of catdoc.

What the silly idea!

If he send me just a .spec, I might to check in
it into CVS. But to send me 147K of my own sources?

Really I prefer not to provide any packages of
my software. Just the source tarballs.

Packages are distribution-specific thing. I'm not sure that spec file developed for RedHat would suit ALT Linux or

Moreover, the more eyeballs you have the more shallow are bugs. I even do not make Debian packages myself, although I keep unofficial Debian repository. I prefer Pawel Wiecek to
look upon my code before it enters distribution.

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Journal Journal: No years in dates?

Reading my past comments here I notice strange thing - comments are marked by their month and date but not year.

First I've thought that comments older than six month are just deleted.

But reading some of them I've found ut
that I've could write them not later than three years ago.

And all sorted during just month and day

And where there are comments writen in August, September etc.

I do not write to /. too often but surely I've written something in the second half of one of these years

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Journal Journal: It's probably a fate 1

Almost all my real-life friends got a blog somewhere on the WWW. Most of them crowd on livejournal,
but I don't like that place, becouse it is very

Now I discovered that not only Slashdot have
a blog facility, but there is blank page titled
"Vitus Wagner's Journal". I feel I have to write
sometimes here.

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