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Journal Journal: Another year (or two) another entry...

Okay, I'll admit it. It has been years since I last updated my journal. I'm sure no one has missed it, but now I have the time and inclination. So, why the fuck not?

Okay, I tried LiveJournal and Xanga. They're too fucking pretentious for me. I felt like I needed to take on a persona so that I could look cool. Yeah, I'm not cool. I'd rather not be cool, it's just too much work.

So, what's new? My wife and I had a kid (today is her first birthday), moved to Pittsburgh, got a new job. Fun shit.

I'll be updating more often, don't you worry. Later.
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Journal Journal: Had a great exchange with my boss Friday...

So he's like "Sam, come into my office. I need you to do some independant research for me".

So it seems that he wants to replace the company that currently does all of our mass emailing to customers (can't blame him, they do suck). He also wants me to rate 4 companies for him based on their features. So he's like "I have one in mind, but I'm not going to tell you which one so that it won't alter your results. The first one is called me look up the other three. I can't seem to remember their names."

Oh yeah...what an idiot...I guess I won't be able to surmise what the leading contender is...

Just a funny story from my stupid company.
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Journal Journal: Working for a corporation, I'm sick of it!

I've realized one thing since graduating college. I'm working my ass off to make other people rich! I'm so sick and tired of it. Nothing I do at work matters. A trained monkey could probably do what I do (especially when I worked at Eli Lilly).

So my solution? As soon as it is humanly possible, I'm going to open up my own business. I'm going to work for myself. I may not get rich, but it will be honest and I will get to be my own boss. Make my own decisions and live my own life. Not the life of a corporate pawn.

You got any suggestions?

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