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Comment Re:It is very sad that he could not make money (Score 1) 527

The nice thing would have been if some government had funded him.

First of all, "government" can't fund anything because government doesn't generate its own revenue through voluntary means. What government can do is FORCE people to hand over THEIR savings to support the project.

I'm a Gentoo user, and I'm all for voluntary support of free software, but I'll be damned if you or anyone else is going to make that decision for me against my will. I make my own decisions on which software projects I support, and I resent the fact that you would steal that god-given right from me. I don't care who you are -- approach me peacefully, and I will respect you. Approach me through force, and I will resent you, no matter what your cause.

Keep free software voluntary, the way it should be. It's a shame that this guy couldn't make a living at it, but again, that doesn't give you the slightest right to force your beliefs on me.

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