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Comment Re:Will she pardon here self and him once she gets (Score 1) 592

Not true. Her server was allowed, as it was grandfathered in under the new regulation. What was not allowed, and the center of the discussion, is if classified emails were sent to and from this server. Which was never allowed. It's right to exist was found legal.

The real problem here is the investigative team which is mostly Republicans have been found to have their own email servers, and, surprise, may have also sent classified emails. It's kind of like the prosecutor going after a murderer and being found to have also murdered someone. This case will not make it far at all.

Comment Re:It won't be a Republican bloodbath (Score 1) 428

Voters at large do not care who is married to wall street. Voters at large don't give a crap about Bill's behavior anymore. Hillary is the most mundane nomination who sits firmly in the can't do any worse, can't do any better line. No one is going to be energized to go out and vote against her. The right will certainly keep trying, it's why they dug into the email thing, Benghazi so early, even before this began. They knew they really had nothing to paint her as evil with, so they took what they could and ran with it. No one cares.....

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