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Journal Journal: About morality in AmeriKa

I was reading this story/discussion today:

Your Rights Online: Federal Obscenity Rule Nixed In Internet Porn Case

I posted the following comment on this discussion, anonymously:

Like I said at the end of my post, I chose to post as Anonymous because I didn't want to deal with the Karma and all that crap. Anyone who does a search surely will find this Journal, especially if they figure out from reading it that I am who wrote that post. Feel free to comment but don't question my lifestyle, I won't read any such comments anyway.

As for the "K" in AmeriKa, that's my ten-dollar spelling of the country's name, based on the simple fact that this country is no longer ruled by the people. It's ruled by the big corporations and the religious fanatics who would just as soon try to cram their dogma down my throat as listen to my clearly different viewpoint.

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