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Journal Journal: Add Yourself to the Location Map

Having nothing much to do today, I wrote a Perl script to record people's locations. It is a simple matter of entering your name, location, and clicking on where you live.

I'm not sure if anybody actually reads these journal-things, but if they do, feel free to add yourself and/or as many goofy entries here.


Journal Journal: w00t 6

Heh, I haven't used this in a while. Over a year actually. And I haven't posted in almost a year. I wonder if anyone is going to see this?

Internet Explorer

Journal Journal: Strange...

You know what's strange? My copy of IE5.5 opens some bookmarks in Netscape... Not that I have a problem with that, I just wanted to use the IE topic picture...


Journal Journal: 1337-0-m47i(

7hiz iz 4 73s7 0f my n3w 1337-0-m47i( p3r1 s(rip7. if 7hiz m3ss4g3 4pp34rz 1337 70 j00 7h4n i7 iz w0rking.7h0r3 4r3 pr0b4b1y 4b0u7 20 0f 7h3s3 41r34dy bu7 i wr073 i7 0n my 01d 486 14p70p wh3n i w4z in 7h3 midd13 0f n0wh3r3.

n0w, 0n 70 wri73 4 w3b b4s3d fr0n73nd!

For those who can't read leet-speak, the original message.

This is a test of my new leet-o-matic perl script. If this message appears leet to you than it is working.There are probably about 20 of these already but I wrote it on my old 486 laptop when I was in the middle of nowhere.

Now, on to write a web based frontend!

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