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Journal Journal: Engaged!

For the past 3 years and 8 months i've been dating a wonderful girl named Kaitlyn. She's smart, funny, understands me, is absolutely beautiful...dual boots :) She's perfect for me. That's why on Saturday, November 5, 2005, I asked her to marry me. She said yes. I'm so happy! This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. on an unrelated note, I promise, i'll write in my journal more often :P

Journal Journal: Scalable Behavior

An excerpt from an AIM conversation with a friend. I dunno if i should take this seriously or not.

Me (3:24:55 AM): what do you think of scalable behavior?
Gabi (3:25:14 AM): Eh?
Me (3:25:22 AM): to decide if something is bad, you surmise "what if everybody did ______?"
Me (3:25:29 AM): if the result of that question is negative, said behavior is worng
Me (3:25:31 AM): wrong
Me (3:25:43 AM): if result of that question is either indifferent or positive, said behavior is acceptable
Me (3:25:48 AM): for instance
Me (3:26:00 AM): what if everyone looted?
Me (3:26:30 AM): obviously, if everyone looted shops wouldn't be able to stay open. commerce would crumble and nobody would be able to buy what they need. Result is negative, so looting is not a scalable behavior...
Gabi (3:27:04 AM): That's a good way to think about it, I guess.
Me (3:27:16 AM): now let's take it further
Me (3:27:50 AM): "what if everyone drank milk?" all assumptions about lactose inolerance/allergies aside, everyone would be healthier, have stronger bones, and the dairy industry would make more money and the economy would benefit
Me (3:28:07 AM): so drinking milk IS a scalable behavoir, as the result is positive.
Me (3:28:09 AM): Now...what about pirating music?
Me (3:28:16 AM): "what if everyone pirated music..."
Me (3:28:19 AM): heh heh heh
Gabi (3:28:50 AM): Well that's one of those "I say it's good" things.
Gabi (3:29:10 AM): Because I don't have enough money to buy all the music I want.
Gabi (3:29:17 AM): BUT
Gabi (3:29:36 AM): If/when I DO have money, and I like a certain music thing, I will buy it.
Gabi (3:29:59 AM): Just because I want the original thing.
Me (3:30:02 AM): we were talking about scalable behavior, not self interest. bear with me.
Me (3:30:12 AM): What if everone pirated music?
Me (3:30:23 AM): well, first, record companies would make NO money at all
Me (3:30:31 AM): so that means the RIAA would crumble...
Me (3:30:44 AM): the RIAA is responsible for most DRM and the evaporation of fair use rights, so this is actually a good thing
Me (3:31:42 AM): No longer plagued with pandering to the mass market, musicians would create real art instead of the drivel they usually make. Subsequently, such good music would create huge turnouts at concerts and sales of the individual artists' swag, cds, and what have you...causing the artists to produce good, real artist's music, and still make enough to live comfortably.
Me (3:31:54 AM): therefore, pirating music IS a scalable behavior, and is acceptible.
Gabi (3:32:08 AM): Yay!

Funny? a Troll? Flamebait? Insightful? I really dunno. Post a comment and let me know what you think.


Journal Journal: EPIA has arrived!

It's so cool! my Epia 800 motherboard has arrived!

and it kicks serious ass :)

it's just so indescribably can go to VIA and see the specs...but there's no way you can comprehend its coolness unless you've seen it in person.

Anyway, that's all for now! Keep /.ing and always, always, read my journal!

Journal Journal: Slashdot!!!

Here prepared to send me flames.


1. Hot Grits

2. Natalie Portman

3. All your base are belong to us

4. ???

5. Slashdot!!!

Wow, imagine a Beowulf cluster of journal entries.

Of course, in Soviet Russia, Slashdot needs you to be happy.

I can't believe i'm wasting space with this. Hopefully, someone will find it amusing.

Journal Journal: by the hamstrings of the dark lord himself.

Paypal is an awesome service. They responded to my cracked account in notime and i got all of my money back, except a 10 dollar overdraft fee.

I have all the parts necessary either in my possession or on their merry way for my Ammobox computer contraption. It'll be as follows:

Via Epia 800 Mainboard with TV-out, Onboard sound card, onboard shared-mem Video, USB, and LAN.

800 MHz Via C3 cpu

512MB pc133 RAM

Geforce 2 MX 440 PCI video card with 64 MB ram (if an Ammobox computer is incapable of running quake 3, all is not right with the world)

145W tiny little power supply (ATX)

Toshiba laptop DVD-ROM

Ammobox case, approx. 11x7x6.

it's gonna rock. :) i can't wait till its done.

In other news, the other hunks of steel, silicon and gold in my room are as ususal mostly inert. I really gotta do something with those. My plans thus far have been:

1. Aquire literal tons of hardware

2. ???

3. Network!!!

Anyway, that's all for now. Do yourself a favor and visit Real Life and see what Greg Dean is up to.

Oh, and on a sidenote, school tomorrow may be cancelled! w00t!!!

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