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Journal Journal: Back

Well I'll be posting here for a while.
I no longer use Macslash. I do use advogato for very prcise technical matters but that's all. I've set up movabletype on my home machine and used to use it to write my journal. I'm upgrading to 3.2 since the beginning of September and having issue with the process I'm the only one to have.

I'm in the process of changing job, I'll start a new mission next week in nancy and will play/administer and troubleshoot Wsebsphere Application Server. I'll be moving in the beginning of december to Strasbourg and i'm still hunting for a job there. I've missed a few opportunities and still have one or two clues.

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Journal Journal: Diary

I've updated my Advogato Diary today. You can read it here .
I'm wondering wheter I should keep the /. journal or Advogato diary ?
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Journal Journal: Apple and it's users

I've been using Apple computers since 1982 with the Apple II. I bought My First Macintosh 2,5 years ago. I installed various version of os X on it and got forced into the free itools.
I'm a bit pissed of on the .mac affair and will upgrade but I do not like it. I willl because I use my and homepage addresses.
To pay for the OS is not yet an habbit in Mac and I remember the days of system 6.x when you'd walk into the store with foppies and they would copy the new systems for U. Nowdays you have to pay which make me say that all the iApps are not that Free, you need to pay the OS, and then when you download, you the one paying something.
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Journal Journal: Things I've been up to these days

Well for those who know me I was a Great BeOS, Bebox Fan. This is over for a momment, when be shifted to x86 without realy telling it.
These days I work for ITSGroup a french compagny specialised in Computer Associates TNG product line.
I maintain a diary @ advogato , maintain some web pages in english.
I discovered /. in 1998 while I was staying in Iceland.
Geek stuff include : OpenDarwin, MacOSX theses days as well as some NetBSD use ....

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