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Comment XPS 13 (Score 1) 288

I have an XPS 13 dev edition, loaded. It's a nice puter, but it's a laptop.

I have a big clicky keyboard for it when it's at home and a wireless mouse. Hate the keypad.

It locks up from time to time from running Steam. I assume that is the video driver.

Comment Re:Die flash, die! (Score 1) 76

Still a long way to go before we can be rid of the horrid thing, but this is one step closer.

I haven't used it in ages. When I come to a site like the BBC that says something like "Your technology is out of date." If I feel charitable I write them and tell them to get their shit together. Regardless of whether I write them or not, I close the site.

Comment Re:Why the focus on some archaic communication too (Score 1) 208

Am I 'one of those people'?
Our experiences differ. I prefer email. Text messages are for hooking up down town.
Are you 'one of those people' who think that anyone who doesn't do things the way you do them is 'one of those people'?
With a smart phone you can communicate how you like no matter which one of 'those people' you happen to be.

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