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Journal Journal: Finals Week!

It's finals week at my university. I just finnished up a Russian History final, and I've got Criminology left to go today. An interesting combination indeed, as my diploma will say "Computer Science" on it.
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Journal Journal: TERRIBLE Karma

Geeze, guys... I can't get no love here. It seems that even without getting modded at all, since my comments default to -1 now, my karma gets worse. I'm gonna get a new account and just use this to see how far down it goes :(
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Journal Journal: DAMNIT

They did it AGAIN...... I wasn't even trying to be funny or redundant or anything but pointing out the obvious, and I got modded into oblivion. Maybe I'll just become a troll.
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Journal Journal: Bad Karma

Grrrrr..... who modded my hilarious Soviet Russia joke -1: Troll???

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