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Submission + - Handling Interviews after being a Fall Guy

bheer writes: "Salon's Since You Asked column is carrying an interesting question right now — what do you say in interviews after getting fired as a fall guy at your last job? Cary Tennis, who writes the column, admits he may not be the best person for this sort of question. So I thought I'd ask Slashdotters what they thought about this. Software developers are sometimes able to get away blaming the business requirements/analysis process, but anyone with any experience in this business probably has had nightmares about being the fall guy and may even have a strategy or two up their sleeve. How would deal with being in such a crummy position?"

Submission + - USPTO Examiner Rejects 1-Click Claims as 'Obvious'

theodp writes: "Faced with a duly unimpressed USPTO examiner who rejected its new 1-Click patent claims as 'obvious' and 'old and well known', Amazon has taken the unusual step of requesting an Oral Appeal to plead its case. And in what might be interpreted by some as an old-fashioned stalling tactic, the e-tailer has also canceled and refiled its 1-Click claims in a continuation application. As it touted the novelty of 1-Click to Congress last spring, Amazon kept the examiner's rejection under its hat, insisting that 'still no [1-Click] prior art has surfaced' to a Judiciary Committee whose members included Rick Boucher (VA) and Howard Berman (CA), both recipients of campaign contributions from a PAC funded by 1-Click inventor Jeff Bezos, other Amazon execs, and their families."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Opening up console "dashboards"

Anonymous Coward writes: "All consoles of this generation have built-in dashboards. These dashboards are very proprietary and locked in. What I mean by that is only the console maker can extend the dashboard interface. This significantly limits what new features can be added and at what pace. Imagine for a moment if the dashboard of a console is just as extensible... Opening up console "dashboards" discusses the richness of current console dashboards and raises questions as to why these dashboards are not more open."

Submission + - SPAM: Nanoscale pores as tiny analysis labs

FiReaNGeL writes: "Imagine being able to rapidly identify tiny biological molecules such as DNA and toxins using less than a drop of salt water in a system that can fit on a microchip. It's closer than you might believe: in a paper appearing next week in PNAS, a team of researchers proves for the first time that a single nanometer-scale pore in a thin membrane can be used to accurately detect and sort different-sized polymer chains (a model for biomolecules) that pass through or block the channel. This could lead to rapid detection systems for pathogens and toxic chemicals."
The Courts

Submission + - Student on Myspace Jailed with $1 Million bail

An anonymous reader writes: Slashdot previously covered the story of Allen Lee, the student jailed for writing a violent essay.
In similar events, A University of Southern Mississippi student remains jailed on a one-million dollar bail since April 18th for posting threating remarks to his myspace blog and bulletins. Athorities have been very quiet, and in an update from last week claim to still be collecting evidence.

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