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Microsoft announced the facility back in 2007, but in the meantime Google has disclosed that it built its own container-filled data center in late 2005. Google also holds a patent for a data center container design."

Patents should be utterly irrelevant around here, unless there are as many suspect, different rules for Google and Apple.
That aside fair play, these container systems make a lot of sense and are a pretty logical progression. They are cheaper to run and its no secret that companies have no loyalty and after the initial sunk cost its pretty cheap to up and leave unless the tax breaks etc keep coming. Always a useful bargaining stick. Sys admins can also consider their profession vastly more accessible commodity.
Interesting though that Microsoft are beginning to sell themselves by being more open about what they are doing and where they see the future.

Comment Re:bah humbug! (Score 1) 754

I lost my leg and an eye in a drunken shark fight. It was pissed and I was winning but a couple of his pack buddies jumped in and long story short I lost some body parts.

Several doctors told me that was it, that I had to learn to live with it cope with the disability and move on with my life. I said no and went to a chiropracter who changed my life completely. He gave me a wooden leg and a seeing eye parrot with 40/40 vision.

This not an anecdote, it was front page national enquirer news.

Submission + - IE8 beats other browsers in laptop battery life (

WARM3CH writes: "AnandTech tested battery life of a laptop with an AMD CPU, a laptop with an Intel CPU and netbook running Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, and Chrome. Webpages were a combination of simple and flash infested ones. IE8 had the best battery life on both laptops followed by FF+adblock and Safari had the worst battery life. On the netbook Chrome was slightly ahead of IE8. The report concludes: --Overall, Internet Explorer and Firefox + AdBlock consistently place near the top, with Chrome following closely behind. Opera 10 Beta 3 didn't do as well as Opera 9.6.4, and in a couple quick tests it doesn't appear that the final release of Opera 10 changes the situation at all. Opera in general — version 9 or 10 — looks like it doesn't do as well as the other major browsers. Safari is at the back, by a large margin on all three test notebooks. We suspect that Safari 4 does better under OS X, however, so the poor Windows result probably won't matter to most Safari users.--"

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