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Journal Journal: Echo mileage

723.4 km, 40.49 litres. Down a bit from last time. Didn't get the oil changed but I did get new tires installed. If running Nokian WR's reduces the mileage over the old rock-hard Michelins that's just going to have to be the way it is... I also installed the new front springs (Springtech). Lowered the front of the car about an inch, and because they're higher rate, the ride is noticeably firmer.

Journal Journal: Echo mileage

Got gas tonight. 759.5 km on 40.325 litres. I have to do an oil change pretty soon so I'll try Mobil 1 and see what that does.

Journal Journal: Toyota Echo gas mileage

I bought an Echo earlier this year in order to reduce the cost of commuting (compared to my daily-driver 2000 Tundra)... I live about 15 km from work and doing that twice a day, plus running around to pick up the kids, adds up. So far I've had to fill it up three times.

First tank, I got 720 km on about 40 litres. That works out to 18 km/litre, or about 40 US MPG, or 5.55 litres/100km.

Second tank, I went 735 km on 41.6 litres. Midway through this tank I changed out the air filter.

Third tank was mid-grade gas (89 octane RON/MON average) and I went 745 km on 41.07 litres.

So mileage is good... how to make it better? I have some lowering springs for the front (already installed some on the rear, dropped the car about 5/8 in.). Lowering the car may cut the wind resistance profile a little, and since most of my commute is done at 80 to 100 km/h that's going to matter. Synthetic lubes will start going in as I do maintenance (current odo reading is about 60,000 km) and from past experience with the Tundra that may make 5% difference. I'll keep posting mods/mileage as things develop...

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