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Comment Another Nasty Surprise: Flash installed by default (Score 3, Interesting) 564

Over the weekend I set up a new Win 10 machine for Dad (store bought HP Envy). Going through updates and installs I found one nasty surprise, Flash was installed by default on this box. I was hoping to wean him over to HTML5 with this upgrade (from Vista !), but HP builds them with Flash already in place. Went ahead and made Firefox64 the default browser, and Chrome as an alternative, but since Cortana and all MS services default to MS Edge no matter what you set, it's going to be a mixed operation from now on

Comment Pre-clearance? Censor delay? (Score 1) 108

Unless Periscope knew what the content was, as it unfolded, they couldn't know they were broadcasting a suicide. So they would not be in a position to stop it.

I suppose it will unfold in the "investigation," but someone would have to watching her channel and then warn "the higher ups" at Periscope in time for them to cut it off. And frankly I can believe there are a lot more voyeurs who would just let it happen and not say a thing, even if they knew who to call/write/tweet

Submission + - How do we get "smart" on Information Assurance?

Tiger4 writes: Dear Ask Slashdot, On his way out the door last night, my boss asked, "Are there any Information Assurance or Network Security conferences or classes we can attend, to get us smart on how to select and build the next generation right from the ground up?".
Our shop is stepping boldly into the late 20th Century by upgrading the industrial monitoring and control products we support. We are moving away from high speed serial interfaces into Ethernet and other bi-directional and broadcast protocols. Several $100Ms of infrastructure is going to depend on getting this right. And potentially 10-100x that in losses if a system is hacked. Can you help?

Comment Re: JMS didn't get to run it like a movie director (Score 1) 480

... when he had major story events planned for both their characters.

Can you say, "first obvious on-screen lesbian relationship"? It was right there for all to see, except for the folks who insisted that onboard sleeping quarters were tight and they were just really good friends. Thompson's character got killed off not too long after that came out.

Comment Re:Go write a global illumination algorithm (Score 1) 480

I was a big B5 fan in the day. As I recall, "sound in space" and some other real world physics effects were running hot topics in the B5 newsgroups, mailing lists, and the few websites in existence at the time (Wintermute's Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 should be in the Archive, somewhere...). JMS really did peek in on those and use them in the show.

ps. Yes there is sound, but most of it is coming from your own ship. Motors, fans, vibration etc. Other ships exploding? Not so much, unless fragments hit your ship. There was some debate about how much noise the rarefied cloud of expanding gasses could carry, and what you would hear as it impinged on your vehicle, suit, etc..

Comment Re:So, what else is there to watch? (Score 1) 148

Marvel sold ITSELF to Disney. It is a wholly owned operating unit at Disney now, just like Lucasfilm and Star Wars. What you ought to be watching for is Luke and Leia showing up as Force enabled superbeings opposing a Villainous Vader (aided by Maleficent) on an Avengers themed Agents of Shield, with Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and the other princesses (and their cute animal friends) all lending a hand. All on the Disney owned ABC network of course, with ESPN calling the play by play destruction.

Comment Re:What? (Score 3, Informative) 440

Anything not forbidden to the Federal Government by the Constitution is allowed, assuming the appropriate laws are passed.

Uhh, no. Rather it is quite the opposite.
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

Limited government, and explicitly so at the Federal level

Comment Re:Better go kick WSUS into a sync... (Score 4, Informative) 178

Absolutely. We have a scheduled nightly patch push three times per week. New patches come into the test facility, they get run against our known baseline applications (commercial and homegrown) then get pushed after they pass QA. Nothing gets pushed straight from MS or anyone else. We can push out of cycle,but usually nothing is so critical it can't wait for 2-3 days of testing.

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