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Journal Journal: Charlie Parker

If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.

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Journal Journal: Deceit

A friends deceit sharpens morals.

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Journal Journal: Quote

Fortune favors the bold.

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Journal Journal: Quote

A king knows what to do and he does it.

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Journal Journal: Calm

I miss someone today, and I don't even know who she is. We've been working on the Decision Engine for weeks on end, and I'm tired. I had a long dream about a quiet, pretty asian girl last night, I think maybe, I miss her?

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Journal Journal: The Mega 80s

Well I'm pretty sure I found uot what I wanted to find out, and now, I'm out.

Back to eH, working out, MCSD and Canada.

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Journal Journal: 21 grams

Watched 21 grams with J tonight, there was an interesting scene in the movie that wasn't in there the first time I saw it.

Same mistake, different girl.

Anyway, writing the TEA func spec this week, seeing Grandma A tomorrow night (She fell again).

W might be L, at the very least I can make it so, but this time, I think I can win. However, I should say that I hope W isn't L and that I win by not winning.

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Journal Journal: Rain

Raining today. It's 9:14am and just my buddies are at work, we haven't even turned on the lights yet.

Next Friday is my last day on FFS (whew).

Wearing the new black shirt today!

Jason is in Vegas, going to see Starsky and Hutch tonight, and Galactic tomorrow night!

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