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Journal Journal: Taxes

Ok, I have my first "fan" so I have to write something.

The problem with calling for lower taxes is that it does not really help the general public. The top 1 or 2% get a great advantage, but the middle class and the poor do not gain from lower taxes, and in fact, get hurt. How? Well look at it this way. Let's say you make 50,000 (pick you own units.) The government comes in and takes away 20,000 a year. So you really work for 30,000. Now if the government comes in and cuts taxes to you by 5,000 you make 35,000. The problem is that your boss knows that you are willing to work for 30,000 a year. So when it's the next time for a raise, you don't get one. (Why should you get a raise? You are already making 35,000 a year. And no raise next year as well.) On the other hand if the government raises your taxes by 5,000 a year, you go to your boss and say you need a raise. You have to have that 30,000 a year. So in the real short run, higher taxes will hurt people, and lower taxes will help people. In the long run, the reverse is true. Taxes are NOT a bad thing. They are the cost of living a civil country. Now if are making 10,000,000 a year, higher taxes do hurt in the long run, but how many of us make 10,000,000 a year?

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