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Comment Re:Hey, Apple has browser competition! (Score 3, Insightful) 251

People keep spouting this like it's gospel, and it might be legally correct, but that doesn't make it any less crappy for the consumers. Apple is on the way to be a more evil version of Microsoft when it was worst, and I think the world would be a better place if they were forced to be slightly more open.

Comment Re:"not nearly as well realized as with Flash" (Score 3, Insightful) 110

The real problem with this, is that soon advertisers will start making canvas ads instead of flash ads, and then what have end users really gained? The reason that Flash is hated is mostly because it's been misused. And now it will be easy to misuse HTML5/canvas too.
We can now use Javascript to do the same stuff that flash could for many years. Don't take me wrong. I love programming in javascript, and I like that I can now do these things. But what do normal, non-programming users get out of this? That they don't need a plugin? I'd bet most normal users doesn't even know what is flash and what is not. And the way I see it, the canvas-renderer isn't somehow more magic than the flash-engine. Except that it's built into the browser, but you could argue that you could just as well do that with Flash.

Comment Maintaining code by others are always a nightmare (Score 4, Interesting) 394

Until you spend enough time with it, to learn why the original programmer did as he did.

As I see it, most projects start out with a good structure and the best of intentions, and then comes deadlines and the developer having to juggle several projects at once, and then a shortcut is taken here, then there. And suddenly you end up with a non-documented project where the only person that knows how it works is the original developer.

There will however always be BAD code by bad programmers. I've taken over Java progress where everything was OOP'ed into hell (as in a bazillion classes more than was needed for the application) and PHP projects which should be OOP'ed but consisted of about 500 files that included each other in a huge confusing net.
I've also had to take over projects where the original developer was using new technology because he thought it would be fun (at the expense of the customer). Having a huge website in PHP/MySQL and then having crucial parts of it in Ruby/PostreSQL is just a maintenance nightmare.

Comment Re:In Soviet Russia... (Score 4, Interesting) 579

It's somewhat sad that when China executes people who opposes the regime, the rest of the world cry "Murder!", but when someone releases information embarresing to them, the line is not as clear.

The way I see it. If the documents had been released by "real" journalists (what defines a real journalist anyway?) 10 at a time, there would be no talk about hanging said journalists. When thousands of documents is released at one time, we suddenly call for his head?

Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 387

Mod the parent up. I walked out 45 minutes in at the theaters and it took 5 sittings to get through on DVD. Am I missing something?

I'm interested in hearing what movies you actually think are any good?

There's really a trend in going all "That movie sucks!" against every popular movie, and I'm getting tired of it.
It might not be original, and maybe people can say "Oh pocahontas did it first!" but that doesn't change that it was a suspenseful, well-made film with some good points that people could think about.

Comment Re:No (Score 4, Informative) 201

Hi Hellop,
Thanks for your corrections!

It was actually from my bookmarks. I've played quite a bit around with the canvas element myself, and that's why I've got a lot of bookmarks.
Sorry about the confusion about "library". English is not my first language, and in my language library can also mean "collection of", so that's why I used that word.

The 3rd link was actually not the link I intended to post, I intended to post a link to this HTML 5 Game engine (More info in this article) which looks pretty good. It's in beta though, and I've got no hands on experience with it, but it looks promising.

The link I posted is still valid though, and can be found here: It might not be updated any more but it's still a nice resource, if you've just started using the canvas element.

Comment Re:No (Score 3, Informative) 201


Understandible. It can be hard to seperate HTML5 content from flash content these days. However, there is games popping up at a pretty constant rate. For example, look at these links:

Another thought: The HTML5 canvas element and Java's AWT "Graphics" element are very alike. I wonder how long it takes for someone to program a converter, so all java applet/mobile games are available as HTML5 games?

Comment Re:Hah, you wish (Score 1) 158

Or whatever, rather than stating it as unlimited and then "defining" unlimited as something clearly NOT unlimited. It's like telling your buddy that you just "hung out" with his girlfriend last weekend and nothing more, but then trying to hide somewhere you're redefining "hung out" to really mean "banged like bunnies". In all other walks of life that's just called a lie.

I KNEW you were still holding a grudge!


Submission + - Help the ecosystem - Support the product!

TheViciousOverWind writes: "Under the term "Greenware" just launched their new search application. The program itself is free, but you can donate or subscribe on the website. Half of the money is for putting bread on the programmers table, the other half will be used to plant trees (one tree per $1 through the ReLeaf Project). — The program itself is very extendable, and, in under a minute, you can write a plugin to do your own searches using your own searchengine.

The author explains on the website why he came up with the term "Greenware": "After having spend 6 months programming Transfz, as well as writing bad HTML/CSS and help files, I re-remembered that the development of the information technology we use daily has only come to see the light due to a functional biosphere. Even more importantly; unless the biosphere stays functional we can't even keep using the technology we have developed."

Will we see more of this kind of "Supporting the ecosystem" software in the future?"

Submission + - Support a union? You're fired!

ilo writes: The Associated Press writes that a new study finds a sharp increase in the number of illegal firings of pro-union workers in the US: the Center for Economic and Policy Research estimates that one in five union organizers are sacked for their activism, and concludes that these illegal firings have contributed to the long decline in union membership.

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